Date: Dec 1, 2003
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FREDERIK: Who are you and where are you from/where do you live !?

BAKKE: My name is Mikael Bakke and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

FREDERIK: What are you doing when you´re not DJing or making Musicstuff!?

BAKKE: At the moment Im looking for work, I just finnished school in Graphical Technology. In the mean time Im doing most of the graphical work for Spiral Trax plus that Im helping out at the office.

FREDERIK: You´re working for Spiral Trax also... Tell us a little bit about the upcoming Releases and the future labelpolitics?

BAKKE: We have quite a few albums coming out. First up is the new one from Swiss wonder boy XV Kilist. This is his second album “Alfa Aroma” which is very groovy and minimal. Then we have the long awaited second album from Hux Flux, which is the most anticipated release from us this year. Hopefully the new album from Human Blue; Electrolüx will be released this year as well. Next year Atmos will release his second album.

FREDERIK: Yes, and you´re also involved in Flexible which is an Agency also ... Tell me what the Concurrence is doing better then me !?

BAKKE: The Flexible Agency (, was started by DJ Morg and DJ Kvasi. It started from Morgs recordshop Flexible and has now become a platform with both Djs and Liveacts. The main idea is to make a party solution for organizers, to offer good music to people. Flexible is also doing club events in Gothenburg and is responsible for the bookings for the techno/trance stage “Impetus” at the Arvika Festival (, which is the biggest electronic music event in Sweden.

FREDERIK: What does it mean for you playing and producing and organising things?

BAKKE: Its one of my passions in life. I do it because its fun. I get to travel a lot and meet new and interesting people and see new places.

FREDERIK: How did you felt by playing at VOOV 2003 !?

BAKKE: It was totally amazing!! I have been going to the Voov every summer since 1997 and it has always been the biggest event for me. It has been my dream to spin records at this party since then so when Scotty asked me to play I thought I was dreaming. I have never played for a crowd this big before so I was really nervous before I went up on stage. But it all turned out very well, Im really satisfied.

FREDERIK: What do you think of the today's scene in general? What trends is it taking, what moments you like or dislike?

BAKKE: Im doing a bit of the bookings here at Spiral Trax and for what I can see most organizers want to book liveacts. Not djs. It has become more rockconcerts nowadays. The music that seems to be the most popular is full on trance which I dont really like that much. On the Voov this year I was not that impressed by the main floor since all the music there sounded the same.

FREDERIK: What do you think of the growing number of the labels, artists and websites like BERLINPSYCHEDELIX.DE and the quality of the music released nowadays?

BAKKE: Nowadays it is easier to produce music because of more powerfull computers and software instruments. Everything can be downloaded for free. This has resulted in shitloads of new producers, music and labels. Most of it is really badly produced and poor quality but of course there is good music coming out as well.

FREDERIK: Whats your opinion about the straight melting of Styles at the moment !? Producers and Djs from totally diffrent mayorstyles get closer together!?

BAKKE: I think its very cool. For example John “00” Flemming who is playing at big clubs and events all over the world is playing a lot of our releases.

FREDERIK: Your favourites for the moment and what other (non trance) music do you like?

BAKKE: I listen to everything besides commercial radio music like NRJ. I really enjoy Massive Attack, Björk, Portishead as well as Frontline Assembly/Delerium and Front 242. I also like rockmusic like Korn, Foo Fighters and Marilyn Manson.

FREDERIK: What are your origins how did you come to music???

BAKKE: My mother has always been singing and performing. This has inspired me in music a lot. I started to play the piano at the age of seven, and did so for a few years. My first record I ever bought was from Depeche Mode so I have always been more in to the electronic music.

FREDERIK: Why did you decide to become a DJ?

BAKKE: By pure coincidence my father had a pair of Technics 1200 so I started to buy records with techno/acid music. In the beginning it was mostly for fun, but I felt I wanted to do something more in the parties besides dancing, and therefore started to dj.

FREDERIK: How and when did you come to trance music, to producing and to your first gigs?

BAKKE: I have always been in to electronic music. Some friends of mine brought me to a raveparty back in 1993 and I really enjoyed it. I started to buy records and played a lot in my bedroom. Finally I got to play at a really small party. In the beginning I mostly played at partys organized by friends. But slowly it has evolved for me.

FREDERIK: Which DJs and acts have influenced your style?

BAKKE: Well, Ive been going to raves since 1993 when I was 17 years old and Anti was playing a lot here. He was actually one of the guys responsible in bringing the whole acid house/techno scene to Sweden. I have always been really inspired by his work as a dj. Then many of my friends started to produce music back then and have now become very big names like Atmos, Noma, Human Blue, S-Range and more. These guys have affected my style a lot, but of course I get affected and inspired from many other djs and producers all the time.

FREDERIK: What was the best, funniest or strangest experience in your career???

BAKKE: The best was Voov Experience 2003 of course. But my first gig ever in Germany was also a blast. We had a labelparty in Hamburg in 2000 together with the guys from Free Form. I was supposed to play first, but the Anti got sick and could not come with us so I had to play his time in the morning. This was my biggest gig ever back then. And it turned out well.

FREDERIK: What was the worst, unluckiest or strangest experience in your career???

BAKKE: I would have to say the XPO festival last year. It was total disaster, probably the worst event I have ever played on.

FREDERIK: What are your futurities, upcoming releases, upcoming events???

BAKKE: Im gonna work with Anti in the future as well, there is a lot happening now. The house label; ACDC is doing really well and there is a lot of killer releases on the way.
At new years eve Im playing at a party called Sculpture in Schwerin, Germany, organized by Tshitraka Project. Otherwise not that much bigger is happening here regarding bookings and so on.

FREDERIK: Tell us your TOP TEN of DRINKS last summer !?

BAKKE: Beer, beer and more beer!!

FREDERIK: What is your TOP of EP this summer !?

BAKKE: Well... these are some of the tunes I have been playing very frequently this summer :

1. Atmos – Raumwelt Signal (Spiral Trax)
2. John 00 Flemmig – Theme from Supakane (Maelstrom)
3. SaikoPod – Groove Moderator -MIRO remix (ACDC)
4. Roland Klinkenberg feat Q-Lock – Goliath-Lemon 8 remix (Deep)
5. Ticon – Some Simple Sounds (Digital Structures)
6. Martin H – Liftin (ACDC)
7. Nugen – Braaj-Lemon 8 remix (Release)
8. New Disco Science Alliance – Break Even (Vsual)
9. Human Blue – Virtual Turnaround (Spiral Trax)
10. Saikopod – Silent Running-True to Nature remix (ACDC)

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