Trance in Portugal

Author: Juggler
Date: Oct 27, 2003
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Text: Pedro Gaspar

The trance scene in Portugal, as in the rest of the world, is increasing
very much.
You can see it in all areas of our culture, such as the parties, the
musical editions, the shops selling our music, deco, etc...

In our country, the parties have increased more and more, either in quality
or in people; however, the musical variety is growing a bit worse, because
our promoters have always the same style of music and the same artists.

The number of party promotors is increasing considerably, but the most of
them just make one or two, and then they give up because there are five or
six parties all the weekends, and so there isn't market for everyone.

However, there are three party promotors that everybody know and come to
their parties:
* GoodMood Productions
* Hipnose Productions
* Quest4Goa Productions
The first one promotes the Boom Festival and organizes monthly parties the
rest of the year.
The second one promotes parties with a variety of styles, such as
progressive trance and progressive house, and, this year, organized
Zambujeira 2003 with the support of EtnicaNet.
The last one, Quest4Goa, is developing the trance music in the north of the
country, doing monthly parties too.
Recently, two more promotors have appeared, and they occupy a very good
place in our movement (Yanomani and Crystal Matrix).

There are many promotors doing parties, but most of them don't innovate
They present always the same sounds, the same decorations, the same
artists, forgetting the other alternatives.

Speaking about the Portuguese artists, we have a great number of promotors
and djs, some of them recognized in the international scene.
The first Portuguese psy artist releasing an album was Suria (Magnitude),
on Magma Records .
Since then, more and more artists were releasing their albums, like
Faktor-D, Menog, Audialize, and some record labels are doing compilations,
like Flow Records, Ketuh Records or Crystal Matrix Records.

In Portugal we have an "open-minded" party people, the majority with
similar musical influences and similar tastes in life, doing a very good
"human part" in our scene.

Buying trance music in Portugal is becoming more and more easy; there are 5
or 6 shops in which one of the 3 regions of the country (north, center,
Evidently, we can also buy it through the Internet

Portugal is a peaceful country with some paradisian forests and beaches,
and a pleasant weather almost all of the year, so it's a wonderful place to
enjoy a party.

I hope all of you can come soon and experience our party scene.

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