Czech Republic  Mystical Forest ... Close Encounters

Aug 29, 2008 - Aug 31, 2008, Vesin

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Date: Aug 4, 2008
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An open air party called The Mystical Forest.. Close Encounters is taking place at a deep forest camping site Věšín (near Příbram) from Friday 29/August to Sunday 31/August. Apart from traditional party activities there're several surprises waiting for you. The dark forest will be transformed to an exceptional spectacle, filled with remains of a “visit”. Many unexplainable and unbelievable things will happen. The inspiration for our gathering comes from the novel Roadside Picnic (Stalker). Artist known by the name Alien1 will be in charge..

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live acts
The Psy Cut Finger (No Comment Records, Dark Life Records. Poland)
Multi Evil (5th Element Records, Dark Life Records,No Comment Records. Poland)
Gyrro (Spectral Sound, Mystika Festival. Slovakia)
Gappeq (Wirikuta Recordings)
Bantha Psychedelic Crew (CZ)
Gem Reflection (CZ)

audio pilots
Juggler (Crystal Matrix Records,Utopia Records. Portugal)
Cyberwolf (Nabi Records. Australie)
Gyrro (Spectral Sound, Mystika Festival. Slovakia)
Ish-Ty (Transient Records, Quadradelic Society. Slovakia)
Kary (Psyverse. Slovakia)
Demented (Basement Records. Slovakia)
MiM (Cz)
Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves)
Roman Rai (Tribal Vision Records, Solstice Music)
Djane Lolla (Zero Point)
MP (HedoniX)
Prenatal (HedoniX)
Filipsz (HedoniX)
Gondar (Trancedelic Family)
000333 (Mimo-Tv)
FM (Independent)

Gyrro (Spectral Sound, Mystika Festival. Slovakia)Live+Dj set
Psyionicl (Zahadum Sphere. Slovakia)
Ramoon (Mandalight. Slovakia)
Cryptical (Zahadum Sphere. Slovakia)
Dwaid (Mandalight. Slovakia)
Kapca (PsyAlaska. Slovakia)
Osku (Goblin Records. Slovakia)
Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves)
Rachetik (HedoniX)
Peky (HedoniX)



paranormal obejcts

theatrical performance

special fireshow


250/350 CZK (EUR ~10/15)
Acommodation in huts available (150 CZK/person/night = ~6 EUR)
reservation available on



deep forest camping site Vesin (80 km from Prague)


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Map and instructions at

By car
From Příbram take road no.19 towards Plzeň, when you enter Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, turn right at the roundabout and continue towards Plzeň and Věšín. Pass through Věšín towards Spálené poříčí and Plzeň. After approximately 1500 meters take a sharp left turn and after 500 meters you have reached the destination..
From Plzeň take road E49/20 towards České Budějovice, when you pass through Bamousek village turn left to road no.19 towards Příbram. Follow this road until Míšov village and through the forrest. After 4500 meters from Míšov turn right, and after 500 meters you are there.

By bus
There are direct buses from Prague to Věšín (Friday at 17.15 and 18.50 from Na knížecí bus terminal, Saturday at 11:00 from Zličín bus terminal). Buses go also from Příbram (Friday 18.17 and 19.52, Saturday 9.05 and 17.00) and from Plzeň (Friday 18.30, Saturday 7.45, 12.50 and 15.30). There are also buses to Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, from there you can walk some 4.5 km to Věšín (follow the direction to Plzeň). From Věšín walk the main road towards Plzeň for some 2500 meters, then turn left to the access road to the Věšín camping area, and after 500 meters you are there.

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