United Kingdom  Glade festival

Jul 18, 2008 15:00:00 - Jul 20, 2008 18:00:00, Berkshire

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Date: Apr 24, 2008
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We have and always will maintain our approach is that a music festival is not just about the music... We strongly believe that this is about getting away from the humdrum of normal life and being in a place where, sure, there are amazing sounds but also where the surroundings are stunning and inspiring.

There are a loads of considerations that need to be made on this front; decor, staging and tents, the markets, site art, performances, security, loos, showers, fencing, sound quality, sound levels, parking and traffic, camping, drinking water and so much more; We\'re working our arses off to ensure that we can tie all of this together in the best way possible so that everyone inside and outside the festival is thought about.

This section of the site will be continuously updated with more and more news on all levels as to what else is going on at the Glade beyond the music..

Our mission, pure and simple, is to ensure that everyone who attends has as good a time as possible, hassle free, in a stunning and creative wonderland.

Open Air

Psy & Progressive Stage:

* Ace Ventura
* Allaby
* Antix | Fiord
* Aphid Moon
* Beatnik
* Dickster
* Dimitri Nakov
* Edoardo
* Fearsome Engine
* First Stone
* Emok
* Flip Flop
* Headroom
* Laughing Buddha
* Logic Bomb
* Perfect Stranger
* Protoculture
* Regan
* Zen Mechanics

Glade Stage:
Atomic Hooligan
DJ Friction
Dub Pistols
Eddy Temple-Morris
Gaudi Live Dub Laboratory
James Holden
James Monro
Meat Katie
Quiet Village
System 7
The Grid
Utah Saints

Berkshire, 50 minutes drive from London



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