South Africa  PsynOpticz presents Electro-Magnetic Beatz

May 1, 2008 10:00:00 - May 2, 2008 04:00:00, Cape Town

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Date: Mar 28, 2008
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..::PsynOpticz presents Electro-Magnetic Beatz::..

Well we have another great event that will be one to remember. We have come up with an idea that is one of a kind. Brought together by the unison of music, visual rarities and the pure adrenaline rush from the excitement of the feeback we have been getting form all our supporters. Thanks to you all!!  The perfect night is ahead, full of everything from us to you all! We have put together a lineup that will get your legs going crazy and your mind will never release these moments that have been imprinted in your memories from the night of maYhem! You’ll never want it to end…

Our second event at the Bang Bang Club and we cant wait for it to start. You will be surprised by the décor we have ready to blow your minds, drink specials all night(at the bottom) and a thunderous sound system, recently upgraded, which is what you need for these Electro-magnetic Beatz to pump thru. 

You will all be drawn into the sound with your mind, body and soul all creating a vibrating dancefloor which will wake-up the whole of Cape Town and invite all to come and join us and have a night full of insane memories that will live for a life time!

..::What the night has install for you::..

Thunderous sound rig ready to draw you in
Big Air-conditioned dance floor
Well stocked bar with specials all night
Colorful décor & visuals from PsynOpticz
Full-on twizted psychedelic beatz from CPT’s leading acts!

Please check out our Myspace:
Our Facebook group:

..::DRINK SPECIALS!!!!!!! (Run all night!)::..

Hansa, Black Label R10
Sarita, Storm R12
Tequila, Jagermeister R10
Dbl Vodka Redbull R28
Dbl Brandy, Bacardi Coke R25
Dbl Tequila Play R25

We have a large guestlist ready to give away places on it so please email you Full Name and Cell Number to .

The first 100 names received get a place on the guestlist.
So email us as soon as you read this to get En-Trance!!



Bruce (Afrogalactic)

PlusMinus (Organik)

Stereal Key (Groovy Troopers)

SwiTcHcaChe (PsynOpticz)

Silo (PsynOpticz)


PsynOpticz will excite your receptors with trippy decor and wierd and wonderful visuals!


Entrance: R30 (Free before 10:30pm)
We have a large guestlist ready to give away places on it so please email you Full Name and Cell Number to



The Bang Bang Club

Corner of Loop & Hout Street

Cape Town

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