Australia  Sensory Overload feat ABSOLUM - 3D Vision Records - Live (Sydney)

Jun 27, 2008 21:30:00 - Jun 28, 2008 06:30:00, Surry Hills

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Date: Feb 17, 2008
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The French master of the psychedelic blaster performing live + dj set: ABSOLUM LIVE + DJ CHRISTOF - 3D VISION RECORDS - FRANCE

ABSOLUM is Christof Drouillet\'s solo project since 1996. Originating from Paris, France where he founded 3D Vision Records, Christof has been involved in the music industry for quite a long time - releasing his first record back in 1988 (Eighteen, MayaProd/Musidisc) in the pure New Wave style of the 80\'s. The New Wave sound then formed the basis of all electronic music.
In the mid 90s, he started producing Psy-trance with \'Transwave\' (with partner Dado aka Deeedrah) which became one of the most popular trance projects of the time (7 EPs and 3 albums between 1994 and 1996 on various famous English and French labels). Today, Christof\'s creative outlets are his highly acclaimed and successful solo project \'Absolum\' and also various collaboration projects with other artists. Recently he co-produced 2 tracks on the latest Koxbox album released last year on Twisted Records (UK) and released a \'best-of\' Transwave album ‘Backfire’ which was released on 3D Vision. On the horizon, is the debut album release of the \'Synergy\' - the collaboration project with C.P.U of Nutek Records.

His music has been described as "Hitec.. Precision pieces of super structured searing sounds... A cranium creakin.. Frenetic frenzy of hi-tonal abandonment towards total Nike meltdown" (Raja Ram, Tip World Records)

Absolum is nothing but powerful DJ sets and futuristic Hitech trance capable of overloading the senses and maximum impact!

Check out his sound:

Projects : ABSOLUM (solo project), SYNERGY (with CPU), TRANSWAVE (with Dado Deedrah), C.R.M.B. (with Riktam, Mael & Bansi), ULTRA (with Dimitri), ABSOLUT NOISE (with Wizzy Noise), N.B.K. (with Alien Project), VIRTUAL CORP. (with Full Colordrops), ELIXIR (with Talamasca & Nomad), TIYA (with Tiya), LAGOON.
Collaberations: Space tribe, Concept, Theoreme, Azax Syndrome

Buy 3D Vision releases here:



Absolum live + Dj Christof set - 3D Vision Records - France
and more announced


esp and neo fusion


available soon through and mostix outlets -



The Gaelic Theatre - Sydney, Nsw, Australia

Devonshire St 64

Surry Hills nsw

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50 Meters walking distance from Elizabeth St Exit of Central Train Station.

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