Chaishop @ street parade in Brazil

Author: Carbon23
Date: Oct 9, 2003
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Chaishop will rock the streets of Sao Paulo + 17 others sound-mobiles!


For further infos on the psytrance sound-mobile please email


As you read this, an unprecedented initiative has begun in Brazil: the Association of Friends of Electronic MusicÒ AME.

"Who said electronic music needs an association? IsnÌt it just a bunch of people who dance to banging, repetitive beats?" It is precisely because a lot of people see nothing beyond that stereotype that we feel the need to create an association. We want to show there is much more to electronic music than that. A whole new culture, and we want to bring it to a wider audience in Brazil.

Some weeks ago, a guy was arrested for drug dealing. He said he was a DJ, the media in general bought his story and from then on the following premise was established: DJs sell drugs. Well, thatÌs how it was presented on TV.

It was yet another example of the distorted views out there. One of AMEÌs main goals will be to show that the image of the electronic scene on offer is not always true. Indeed, AME wants to go even further: to show that electronic music has everything to do with social integration, job creation, improvement of self-esteem, development of new artistic talent and the promotion of a good image of Brazil abroad. In other words, the Association wants to show that behind the apparent irresponsible hedonism of a party there is much more going on - culturallly, socially and economically.

AME is planning several activities to achieve its goals.

The first and largest will be the Parada da Cidade Ò M*sica EletrŸnica Para Todos (City Parade Ò Electronic Music For All), on October 26, 2003.
This will be a street parade with floats with DJs, gathering together all strands of the electronic scene. The floats will be allocated on the basis of open bids and no enrollment tax will be charged. The ParadeÌs main theme will be citizenship and will involve campaigns such as guidance regarding STD/AIDS, loss of hearing and harm reduction for drug users, and donations of clothes, toys and food for the federal governmentÌs Zero Hunger Project.

Other actions planned by AME include:

- An official calendar of electronic music events in SÑo Paulo, to help promote parties and reduce overlapping (bad for the scene);

- A register of bad payers, to help the sectorÌs profissionals choose who they want to work with;

- Improve the DJ profession and encourage quality improvement in technical jobs related to the culture of electronic music, with training and workshops for sound engineers, DJs, light operators, mastering engineers, graphic designers, promoters etc.

- Organize events with DJs to collect donations of clothes, food and toys to poor communities;

- Promote awareness campaigns regarding loss of hearing (distribution of earplugs, leaflets and posters in clubs and parties) and harm reduction for drug users;

- Organize the assessment of sound equipment conditions of clubs and suppliers, to protect the public and the DJ, followed by the publication of a ranking on our website.

- Take part in positive initiatives that can expand and consolidate the electronic scene, such as the National Campaign against Excessive Taxation of Imported Vinyl.


Chaishop Brasil- Eletronika DJs- Rave XXXperience
Claudio Brio, Yasser Hanzi, Marcello VOR, CARBON23, Feio, ROGERIO MARTINELLI, Rica

Lov.e por Sao Paulo/Coordenadoria da Juventude
Eli Iwasa, Doctor, Camilo Rocha, Paula, Ana & David, Mau Mau, Andy, Lagosta, Cleber Port

MTV Brasil/AMP
Feio, Anderson Soares, Renato Lopes, Camilo Rocha, JuliÑo, Periferico e Mc Buia, Drumagick e Mc Gaspar

Energia 97
Chico Alves, Adriano Pagani, Rodrigo Leal, Claudio Brio, Renato Lopes, Vitor Lima, Andy, Allex S
Ney Faustinne, Cleber Port, Lagosta, Will, Andy, Decsta, Marquinhos S,
Sonic & Silver (Uk)

Gabriel, Invoke Duo, Fran¡a, Eto+Gab, K-Milla, Bannyz, Animal, Nitrosound (live), Spiceee, Lukas, Camilo Rocha, Holgi Star (Alemanha), PET Duo

Avonts/Water Republic
Ricardo Coppini, Edu Brussi, Jason Bralli, Vitor Lima, Dmitri, Roxy, WRECKED MACHINES, Influx, Andy

Susi in Transe/Embolex/TEMP
Hidraulico e Reverse Tunes x Visual Radio e Radioatividade, Saoulaterre (live) x VJ Spetto, David Chinellato e Roger Rabbit x VJ Palumbo, Blip x VJ Lucas Bambozzi, Miguel x VJ Du-Va, Z`*frica Brasil e Nepal x VJs Embolex, Perif»rico x VJ Ma-Sr, Juliao x VJ Doga, Enrico x VJ Osw FX, Jerome Hill (ING) x VJ Anti-Cristian e VJ In-Fernao

ANDJ/Projeto Lexotan/Urban Sound
Projeto Lexotan: Eraser, Magoo, Daniel A.S | ANDJ: Fabberson, Fabio Stein, Djones, Lupa, Waltrack | Urban Sound: Ryonn, Reinald Psy, Cinho

Alexandre Tahira, Ramilson Maia, Blip, Drumagick, Nepal, Mari, Andy, Telefunken

Magal, Marco DeLa Rossi, Mental Giu, Pil Marques, Spavieri, Suntrax, Tonyy

Ultralevel (Level + Ultralounge)
Paulo Ciotti, Renato Cecin, Mimi

Erika Palomino/Xingu/Mix Brasil/ampgalaxy
Felipe Venancio, Jackson Araujo, Andre Fischer, Jonny Slut, Luca Lauri E Liana Padilha, Edu Corelli, Gus, Ricardo Athayde, Cami Yahn
Mirr, Regis UE, Sidney Gomes, Duet 4 Fun, Rm2, Wagner J, Wander A, Reba, Gil Barbara, Mimi

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