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TranceVillage @ Burningman 2003 !

Author: aaron
Date: Jul 2, 2003
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Trance Village @ Burningman!(

August 25th-September 1st 2001)

Come Join the Global Trance Collective in the Black Rock Desert at the Burningman Festival 2003!

Interdimensional Space Portal
(a transreality spaceport)

Fly and land in our Runway or enter through our Insecurity Checkpoint. Note the Emotional Baggage Claim on your way in. Leave some...
The main nexus of our little dimension in Black Rock City allows the participant to choose between a variety of portals to alternate dimensions.

Our theme reflects our psychedelic culture and its manifold paths to the True, the Genuine: Direct Unmediated Experience.
Our society includes folks for whom dancing is quite literally a religion, folks who live for the creation of art that attempts to bridge the gap between consciousness nodes, to present the fact that all is conscious.
Welcome to our multi-dimensional selves. To visit the parts of self that beg exploration we invite you to a nexus of wormholes to parallel worlds: Welcome to the Interdimensional Space Portal!

Our Main Dancefloor will feature the finest in Psychedelic Trance...

We have Mr. Peculiar confirmed! Meteloids are very likely...Penta will play...many SF and international Trance Acts and Dj's will play...

Come out and join us!

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