... is a full on morning psytrance project

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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... is a full on morning psytrance project

Where are you from ?

Free Text about your Project
Sometimes biodegradable reaches the point...

Some kind of turbo funk experience...

Where do you want to go ?
Wherever i have never been...

What do you do on that way ?
Developp... Push the limits...

Try to describe your music or art
Better not trying myself...

the best thing you did in your life ?
Never loose my passion for music...

Regardless of the circonstances...

What will you do next? Any plans ?
Find the next Biodegradable sound...

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
The world / The world

Your sense of life?
To recall what needs to be to prepare better tomorrows...

What would you do if ?
Never quit !

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