Vibrasphere vs mushroom

apearence on mushroom open air

Author: left hands
Date: Jun 26, 2003
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Vibrasphere vs mushroom

apearence on mushroom open air

Real Name:
Rickard Berglöf

Style ?
Goovy and atmospheric trance with a lot of dubby influences.
Someone once called our style ambient trance.

Where are you from ?

Free Text about your Project
Vibrasphere is me (Rickard Berglo¨f) and Robert Elster. We are both from the town of Uppsala in Sweden and we have been working together for a bit more than five years.

Where do you want to go ?
All places where I have not yet been and all the places where I have been and liked. Right now Patagonia and the south of Argentina and Chile is at top of my travelling agenda.

What do you do on that way ?
Watch all the people and things that pass by or just dream away thinking of all that lies ahead.

Try to describe your music or art
With the Vibrasphere project we try to explore new sides of trance music. Dub influenses have always been very important for us together with nice gooves, a great portion of space and atmospheric elements.

the best thing you did in your life ?
Started to travel and thereby met a lot of people from different places.

What will you do next? Any plans ?
As Vibrasphere we are on the way to finish our third album, which will be focusing a lot more on the downbeat side of our production. Apart from that I am travelling a lot performing music from our previous album.

Whats annoys you / inspire you ?
People without open minds
All the things that happans around me

Your sense of life?
As long as you bring joy to the people that moves within your sphere and one way or the other get the same in return you cannot ask for more.

What do you wish for the most at the moment?
To figure out where to settle down and create a home.

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