New Soular Records Comp- "Breathe!"

Author: aaron
Date: Jun 19, 2003
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Feat. Deeper In Zen, oCeLoT, Onnomon, MindWarped, Ghreg on Earth, D-Space, Holistik Mystiks, Sea of Arrows...


June 2003

Taking the next bold step on the journey that began with "Awakening",
(Soular Records' well-received first compilation,) "Breathe" both
expands the scope of artistic styles represented, while escalating
the intensity to couragous proportions.

The full-on, aggressive madness of tracks from veteran dancefloor
arsonists Deeper in Zen and Mind-Warped are already becoming the
match that sets ablaze their live sets. When DJs around the world get
their hands on these highly-charged offerings, the wildfire is sure
to spread to the four corners of the globe.

The twisted insanity of tracks from Ocelot and Onnomon smoothly
balance the hard-driving darkness of night which emanates from the
deep trance of Ghreg on Earth and the open, minimal sound of D-
Space. The uplifting mood of "morning trance" tracks from Holistik Mystiks
Sea of Arrows round out the compilation nicely.

"Breathe" is evidence, once again, that the spirit of collaboration
is alive and well at Soular Records, and the result is a compilation
that is solid, cohesive and broad in scope. If your mind needs
opening, the Psy-trance Doctor suggests you have a hit of this. Oh,
and remember to BREATHE!!!!

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