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Date: Feb 11, 2003
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We were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death of Avihen Livne ("Cosma") in a traffic accident while on holiday in India.

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic death

of Avihen Livne ("Cosma") in a traffic accident while on holiday in India.

A special person, a good friend and a very talented musician,

Avihen will be greatly missed by all of us.

His spirit will allways be with us!

here is one of the last interviews he gave on his latest release

rest in peace Avihen

Avihen Livne, born 1979 from Kiryat Bialik near Haifa-Israel, started his musical way in the dark clubs of Haifa and the area, listening to new wave and more electronic stuff like Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Front 242 etc. Affected by the trance that arrived in 95 and after years of parties he started to make music in 1998. He has been into computers since he was very young, making music with the computer was natural to him.

He worked first with Benny Risher as Diablo. They released one Album "Insufficient Memory" in 1999.

In 2000 Avihen started to work under the name Cosma (suggested by DJ Jorg of Shiva Space Technology). A lot has changed since then in the way he grasps music and in the making of it. Part of it he owes from working together with other people like Ido Ophir (Domestic) and Erez Eizen (Infected Mushroom) which help him a lot to develop and grow up.

He released already quite a few tracks on compilations and in 2001 he released his debut album Simplicity. At the following parties all over the world he get new inspirations as well the feedback help him to keep doing the music by his own way.

Now 2003 his second album "Non Stop" is on the way to us.

tokyokid: What Equipment do u use and how do you work with it?

Cosma: The main gear that I use is a PC with many plugins and instruments. Today it's not really necessary to buy real studio equipment. It can help for sure but I think less buttons, less problems. My main program is nuando/cubase sx and for all my studio working under audio mode I have a YAMAHA keyboard as controller and good TANNOY speakers.

tokyokid: How do you get such a clear Sound with a SoundBlaster Card?

Cosma: My Simplicity album was made with a normal sound blaster. It was very hard to get this kind of sound with this kind of soundcard. A good acoustic room is very important and a big part of the mix. Good mix = good sound!

tokyokid: How do u build up a Track?

Cosma: Most of my tracks made like flashes in 1 or 2 days. It's like the story of my day or the feeling of a moment. Sometimes after I'm coming home from a really good party, the atmosphere is still really close, so I take it direct to the studio and from there it goes back to the people.

tokyokid: Do u work on more than one track at the same time? What way do u make the arrangement and the Mix?

Cosma: Normally I'm working only on one project. Sometimes the final mix is not really perfect so I have to open the old project and to make a new mix. The arrangement of my tracks is very simple. Every sound has its own channel. The Mix is a very important part of the track. For every track I make a separate mix and later I check the sound in different systems.

tokyokid: Please give some hints for beginners.

Cosma: Don't waste your money to buy a full studio in the beginning, the main gear is always the PC. Try to look for sounds and the effects you really like.

tokyokid: Tell us about your daily life. From where do u get your Inspiration?

Cosma: I like to travel and to learn from many different people about life. Animals make me happy and the Mother Nature is a brilliant out door weekend! I have a dog and a house and it's very nice to go for a walk outside on a sunny day. I like the blue sea and most, I like to eat!!!

Inspiration is something that every time comes from a different part of my soul. Inspiration is not coming always. Sometimes when the mood, the atmosphere blocking you 1 million away from the speakers, its really hard to get into the studio. I'm living in a very difficult place, the situation here takes a lot of good energy from me, but I teach myself how to find the peacefully way and the good vibes.

tokyokid: Do you think the trance scene works still with P.L.U.R. (Peace Love Unity Respect)?

Cosma: It was like this but not anymore. I don't think you can say today that the trance scene is underground. For sure and I'm happy for this that there are still underground parties all over the world but locally the trance become commercial. Good people with a very good vibes start with P.L.U.R, they still with us but there is big part of people that only herding the scene and the good people!

tokyokid: Your music sounds so Swedish. Any special connection between you and Scandinavia?

Cosma: Some year's ego the Scandinavian music affects me in a different way. People that hear my music know that I make a lot of styles, including the Scandinavian style. In Simplicity I try to take the full on site and the minimal and combine between them. About the melody part of me it came long time ago on the Diablo project. Scandinavia is a factory of music like Israel, and there is a connection between the music. The Swedish artists have the deepness that a lot of artists don't have.

tokyokid: Your Album "Non Stop" is on the way to be released. What's your favourite track?

Cosma: Non Stop is different from the first album. The style is still Cosma story but the music is stronger than Simplicity. The target is to kick dance floors with the mind and to let the people enjoy the music at home. It contains progressive, ambient, full on & more. My favourite track is people on Hold.

tokyokid: What's your connection to Ambient?

Cosma: I really like to comedown from ambient and chill electronic music and for sure I going to do it a lot in the future. This year my next project is an ambient CD.

tokyokid: Minimal vs. Full On? What will be the future of Trance?

Cosma: I think that every couple of years the crowd is changing and the music also. Full on is music that can fill the dance floor very well, but to listen to it at home is boring. Minimal music can work in both places.

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