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Date: Feb 11, 2003
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A.E.S Dana Live act, Reviews System, Solar Fields...

ultimae newsletter

[ u l t i m a e . c o m ] update.

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>> A.E.S. DANA Live act + KWARK - [ 12th February 2003 - 21:30 ] - Lyon

A.E.S. DANA will be doing an exclusive live act @t the Bistroy - 1, rue Chappet 69001 Lyon
Here is the opportunity to discover his album "Season 5" and a lot of unreleased traxs.
After 2 hours of Ambient Downtempo, the party will carry on with a Psytrance set "made in" Kwark :) Enjoy!!! ...
for more information (e-flyer - access to venue, etc...), click on the picture.

>> New Reviews System
Ultimae now offers a new option for all its releases (and soon for the whole catalogue...) :
Reviews from everywhere around the world will be posted directly on the appropriate page.
If you feel like doing a bit of reading do check, the [ releases ] pages and click on the link under the release cover.

>> [ Blue Moon Station
] landing in 36 days...
Solar Fields new album will be released on 19th March. Keep checking the website for sound teasers...

>> and of course, Fahrenheit Project Collection :)

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Thanx for your attention and hope to hear from you soon !

The Ultimae Team

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