Magnetrixx Interview

by Rogerio Martinelli

Author: Rogerio Martinelli
Date: Feb 6, 2003
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Interview by: Rogerio Martinelli

1 - Hi Stefan, who are Magnetrixx, and what are your side projects?

Hi Rogerio,

Magnetrixx is my first project i started around 1995, at that time, i didnt have any usual equipment to create my tracks, so i was forced to go very tricky ways to be able to produce with just one Amiga Computer and an cheap synth, so the quality was really horrible, but it was an very valuable experience, without that time i never could do my things today as i do i think. So i never tried to contact any label for that terrible-quality tracks. But in 1999 my equipment started to be ok, (1 PC and some software :-) ) and i tried to get contact with some DJ

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