Author: Avikal
Date: Jan 26, 2003
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Over the last ten years he has built installations around the world. Known for his high tech precise style, his motorized sculptures create a landscape of geometric shapes that play with your eyes and provoke your senses.

"Creator of the string kaleidoscope: a multifaceted interactive space of many spinning sculptures and walkways, a psychedelic dreamworld, a high tech 3D interpretation of electronic music."


Each year he tries to create a new concept with original and refined sculptures. He likes to keep abreast of technical advances and continually strives to perfect his mathematical landscapes. He bases his work on sacred geometry using the cube, sphere, pyramid and other shapes each for their own unique significance.

Psykotower Panorama (antaris)




He would like to give special thanks to both the Antaris and Equinox crews and friends for enabling him to build such massive installations. Thanks also and credit for the photos exhibited here go to Kotaro Manabe (Japan), Kegel (Germany) and to Etnicanet and to all our friends. .

written by Charlotte Bouchier, January 2003.

Kaleidoscope (antaris)


E-Mail: info@protoart.co.uk
WWW: www.protoart.co.uk
Fon: 00 44 208 874 3616

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