Schrittmacher Berlin

Hamburg Allstars in Berlin

Author: Frederik
Date: Jan 15, 2003
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Jan , 15 2003 Photos : Frederik Text: Frederik





The Schrittmacher Crew is a Partycrew from Berlin, famous for nice and fluffy Parties in and around Berlin.

This Time they booked a full Hamburg Line up for their Party and so Magical, Tamahuka and Alex from Esterian Project played nice DJ-SETs for the Berlin Party Crew.

Esterian Project played also a new Live Set with some Tracks of their new Project NEELIX - it was much more then i exepted, a real good Set, keeping the people dancing for the whole hour of playing.

The Visuals were made by Analovory Project ( Joy ) - and she did more then a good Job.The Casino which is normally a Techno-Club looked real nice with Stringart and Paintings all over the place.

THX JOY ;-) !

The best Set in my opinion played Sven aka Buddha´s Source from Oldenburg/Germany - a real good and various morning Set with a lot of nice Tracks which kept me dancing till it got real late Sunday afternoon.

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Foto by Frederik


Foto by Frederik Foto by Frederik
Analavory String Art + Paintings Analavory String Art
Foto by Frederik

Foto by Frederik

Buddha´s Source on the Decks Magical and Alex

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