Costa Rica Trance Scene

Welcome to the Caribbean Trance Realms

Author: Prophet & Brealey
Date: Dec 6, 2002
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Costa Rica Trance Scene


Since the late-nineties, groups of European old trance-heads and dj's from a far away places like India, came to this peaceful paradisiacal spot in Central America, Costa Rica. These foreigners settled down in natural magical places like Montezuma and Tamarindo where our scene grew up. Dj's, party freaks and travelers from around the world, were attracted by the magic this country has to offer. They shared they’re culture and good vibes, showing us a completely new way to dance and feel the music.
People began to gather in hidden natural places experiencing the joys of trance, nature, unity and sense of respect among all. Also dj’s shared they’re music with the local kids, some of whom now are well-known national dj's and producers that had done a huge contribution toward the evolution of our scene.

Year by year our trance community keeps growing and flowing with much better organizations, outdoor party’s and twisted live-acts.

You guys don’t know how lucky we've been:

-Olli Wisdom (Space Tribe)
-Dj Danyel (Uphonic Rec.)
-G.M.S (T.I.P Rec)
-Sun Project (Spirit Zone)
-Xenomorph (Acidance Rec)

Among many, many others...

They came to give us unforgettable experiences
and great times on the dance floor.

Costa Rica offers the strongest trance scene in all Central America, not only because of its well-known location and unique ecological diversity but also for the quality of the nations spinning. Dj's like Ali, (Transelastica), Geno,(Transelastica), Izu, (Transelastica), GuruSigma (Transelastica),Prophet(Psychedelic Nomads, Co-Transelastica), Brealey (Psychedelic Nomads, Co-Transelastica), Dusk and Sir-G are some of the leading dj's on the scene twisting up our dance floors.

Costa Rica welcomes all the trance community worldwide with great parties, warm people & fresh forest vibes... :)

See ya all here... PURA VIDA!


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