Euphoria "White label 2"

looking for unreleased CDR"s and promo*s

Author: liese
Date: Dec 5, 2002
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John 00 Fleming is now compiling for his next CD compilation Euphoria "White label 2". As with his previous White label compilation last year, the theme behind this album is to have purely unreleased material on it. He"s looking for quality underground Progressive/Trance music, nothing commercial please! The release date for this project is February 2003, so he needs to close the track listing January 2003. He realises that many of you don"t give away tracks before the date of release, but his last "White label" was the second biggest selling album for Telstar, so not only will it be rewarding for you but you will also gain credibility for your single being onboard a cool album as this.

So dig deep and send him those unreleased CDR"s and promo"s.

John 00 Fleming
Joof Recordings
Po Box 4032
BN13 3WE (UK)

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