Author: Audialize
Date: Nov 29, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Audialize, the simple act of audio-visual perception.

Groovy bass , rubber kik , original percussion , intense but clean and
melodic synths, are some of the characteristics that make possible that deep
journey within yourself.

Joao Apell was born in July 5th, 1981 in Portugal.

A musician by nature, started his solo project after two years working with
Suria in 2000.

Deeply influenced by other types of music, his tracks are at the same time
powerful and melodic.

His message is passed on as a roller coaster of feeling mingled with a
cosmic melody that fills everything with light, colour and movement.

Concept and content are emphasised instead of only the adrenaline like in
most kinds of trance, thus inducing a psychic trip to the world of abstract
psychedelism making his work a little more interesting and original.

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