Deeper in Zen


Author: Psychotropic
Date: Nov 4, 2002
Views: 2001


October 2002

New York City's Soular Records follows up the success of their first
compilation CD Awakenings, with their second release, the debut
full-length release Balance from Deeper In Zen. DIZ has emerged onto the
scene as one of the US's premier psytrance producers, with a dark full
on sound for the peak party hours.

Drizzled with an array of
provocative samples from forward thinkers such as Alan Watts, Alex Grey, and
Terrence McKenna, Balance is an explosive album packed full of ripping
madness, twists and turns, as it evolves through its psychedelic
journey of consistently heavy hitting grooves. Hold on for the ride!

1. In Between the Outside
2. Sacred Truth
3. Intelligent Energy
4. A Way In
5. Process in Motion
6. Vast Expanse
7. Simply Infinite
8. Integral Approach

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