Analog Pussy in Mexico

Author: Jiga & Jinno
Date: Oct 28, 2002
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All about theyr bizarre Trip to Mexico (28 Sep Mexico City / 05 Oct Monterrey)

Our connection flight to Mexico from Germany lands in Houston, USA.
We're stopped by an agriculture customs officer cos we "smuggled" 2 apples & a tomato in our hand bag.
He checks our tomato carefully: ..."normally, you should pay 250 bucks penalty for entering the US with this. but will let you go..."
He continues Clint-Eastwood style ... "Because today is your lucky day !..."

I'm not sure what he means, but from that moment on everything went weird.
When we arrived to Mexico City, we lost one luggage with our studio machine inside.
the one we use for the live show. it was found the next day & we had to pay tax on it.
then we get sick. high fever, shivering, vomiting. we assume it's some kind of a nasty flu.

Night of the party in Mexico City. DJ Vazik is playing his last track. We're next.
we're both still sick and very weak. almost about to faint.

i don't believe in god normally, but this time i close my eyes and pray:
..."Dear Dear god, please make me well for one hour and 20 minutes..."
my wish comes true. for 1 hour and 20 minutes i get an adrenaline rush.
can't tell you what went on the show, i dont remember much, it is all quite blurry.
one picture is stuck in my head -
when i took my spacy bass guitar everybody screamed. they were waiting for this.

we didnt play an encore cos god interpreted my wish literally and gave me exactly 1 hour & 20 minutes,
not more. apologies to our lovely crowd, they got quite disappointed.

Following week Jinno and i are still sick in the hotel. plans to visit the pyramids are cancelled.
Thursday, we're at Mexico-City airport, just about to catch a flight to Monterrey for our next gig.
Jinno collapses on the floor at the airport, weak and feverish. i call immediately a security guard.
they take him to the airport clinic and the doctor tells us we have a bad stomach infection.
a few days later we feel fine, thanx to mega doses of Antibiotics.

Gig in Monterrey- a blast. i spot this gorgeous girl in our crowd. she's really into the music.
I invite her to come up. We sit on stage hugged, a synth on my knees.
she plays it and i turn the cutoff knob. suddenly i realize that the *guys* in the audience are freaking out.
Then i get it -2 hugged girls playing a synth to a psy trance beat. they see this as a lesbo show !

When we return to Germany i'm stopped by a giant German customs officer.
I have nothing to hide but he scares the hell out of me.
He orders to open my bass case. i do it and then he goes in an admiring voice -
..."wawwo, a 5 string bass, where did you find it? I play on a Fender-Bass i am a basist..."

On and on he talks about his instrument, waving his giant hands in the air.
everything seems surreal, trippy, hallucinated.
Inside my head i can still hear the American agriculture officer: ..."today is your lucky day !..."

Now take a look at the pics:

+ Jinno
Analog Pussy

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