Author: Kouma
Date: Oct 21, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Kouma got into chill djing through a pure coincidence. She was keeping a
birthday party for one of her best friends at her parents'. On the spot
were handful of local rascals, a few psy-trance djs and a great deal of
good vibration.. In fact so good that everyone else except Kouma had
passed out before the mid night. She was a bit disappointed in to her
earlier so eager friends, but as a brisk girl Kouma decided that the party
ain't over yet. She placed herself in front of the mixer (for the first
time in her life) and freaked her friends out by playing quite disordered
finnish radio plays mixed into noise and ambient.

Now, after about two years, Kouma still loves to surprise her listeners.
Mainly she plays beatless ambient and psychedelic downtempo with exotic
influences, sometimes using special instruments to give the blend an
unique spice. Kouma is known through Finland as a trip leader who fondles
her victims with love and care.

email: kouma@aktivist.fi
web: http://meltdown.bombsquad.org/


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