Author: MIDI-Terranien
Date: Oct 19, 2002
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p r o f i l e



Nils commenced his musical career by taking organ classes at the age of 6. During the following ten years he continued those classes and also included a 2 year excurse into church organ at his community church. Aged 15 Nils taught himself how to play the drums and collected first band experience by playing in an acid jazz band as keyboarder and percussionist for 2 years. After having experienced his first Goa party in Rostock in 1994 he realized there was more for him to do than doodle around in acid jazz bands so in came the first syntheziser.

Riewert bought his first guitar at the tender age of 15 and unlike Nils did not have the patience to practise his instrument for 10 years before joining a band. So it was only logical for him to join a metal band almost instantaneously after purchasing his instrument of choice. With this band equilibrium he had several gigs in the Hamburg and Northern German region. His first contact with psychedelic trance was also in 1994 and lucky enough the impact of these never heard before tunes was as strong as it was for Nils.

Since then both Nils and Riewert experimented with sounds on their own until their paths crossed in 1998 when they started stirring up tunes together as MIDI-Terranien.

MIDI-Terranien released their first e.p. on jum jam records in June 2001. Another track was released on a bamba records compilation in March 2002 and finally their first album 'planet hop' was released in September 2002, again on jum jam records.

Another track is lined up on the second bamba compilation, which probably comes out in December 2002.


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