Galactica Presents: IndiaDrop

Backwards Into Chaos

Author: Damion
Date: Sep 11, 2002
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September 2002

Backwards Into Chaos

Galactica (USA) Trance in the USA has a certain style that’s not easy to put your finger on, and India Drop’s debut album takes this further with a dazzlingly accomplished, fresh slant on things that takes progressive sounds, and does something both new and impressive with them.

Moonraker has a wonderful, ethereal sound to it with great production and more layers than you can shake a stick at. Sounds that seem as though they wouldn’t fit manage to sit comfortably within its framework, and the overall effect is psychedelic in a cinematic way with some truly gorgeous moments.

Simplicity takes a dubby backbone, adds some seriously sweet progressive lines, massive techno movement and intricate psychedelia.

Backwards Into Chaos has a very busy feel, awesome pads and a very atmospheric groove. Screeching high-end drives it along through a scorching midrun and cascading layered finale.

Snuff Stuff is darker with a bubbling bassline and some seriously evil stabs that will certainly get them gurning, and the twisted-as-fuck melodies dancing in and out take care of the knees-up stomping element.

Fight The Power has a unique, layered sound, again with plenty going on and somehow managing to hang together where a lesser producer would lose the thread: the final run is awesome, with what can be described as a rising, polyphonic anarchy riff that fades out into a cute desolate climax.

Echo Land is experimental, and again it works – a mosquito-flavoured synthline makes an entirely fresh sound, and the smooth layers of Version 7.0 all add up to sound tech-progressive shenanigans.

Slow It Down retreats into a dublike womb, enjoy this with a spliff and the sounds are perfectly 3-D as they sit neatly around your room.

Finally Scudder Love Song is a wicked bit of breakbeat reggae-house, there’s more going on here than you would ever believe and the effect is a massively confident and accomplished electronic sound. All in all this is an impressive album – IndiaDrop is best seen as an artist who does his own thing and is firmly geared to manipulating the sounds and generating something new. There are so many bits here that really impress, and the attention to detail here makes you wish all artists put as much of themselves right into the music. Classy stuff.

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