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Chaishop Label of the Month September 2002

Author: Sam
Date: Sep 4, 2002
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Sep 4, 2002 - Text: Sam

Unrecognized in central Spain and remote Canada Dj Alex Tolstey and Boris Michailov were working on a new label for a new sound for years. They started carefully with fastly sold out 12'' in the recent month and are now publishing their first CD compilation. The artists are well known for long. The concept is high production quality and good artist relations. The music is Tripple Destilled Neo Techno.



Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to Alex of Boshke Beats Records talking about Trance Music Production and Evolution, Trance in Russia and Spain, the label, artists, releases and artwork and the current crisis of the music industry.

Interview by Sam.

Complete Interview 46 min.


Release date Artist Title Format
01/05/01 PASTE Noerg / Progress 12"
10/02/02 MIDIMILIZ No Exit / Aeromode 12"
01/06/02 AUTHENTIK Vampires / Back 12"
24/08/02 THE DELTA Hero FX 12"
02/09/02 V.A. CHRONIKA chapter 1 CD
T.B.A. MIDIMILIZ "The Missing Guest/Baxandall" 12"



Check tracks from the "Chronika" V.A. Release:



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Boshke Beats Records
Mr. Alex Tolstey
c | Gran Avenida 241
12560 Benicasim / Castellon

Tel: +34/9643/95985






Inga Bourin & Alex Tolstey

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