Illegal Partying in Sweden

lakeside rendeveauz

Author: Flower
Date: Jul 8, 2002
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Jule 08.2002- Text: Flower - Photos: Flower

Illegal partying in Sweden...
With the new bridge over Øresund, it’s easy for us Danes to join our fellow Scandinavians at there illegal but outstanding summer parties in the Swedish woods.
I was to meet up with some of my Swedish friends, who organize some of these parties, they have a hard time doing this, fighting with the police special department “Rave Kommissionen” for controlling illegal trance parties, but as in the rest of the world, noting can stop us.
The trip to the party site took around 40 min in car from Helsingborg, we arrived a little before 21, and I help some friends doing the last work, just enjoying myself for the rest of the night. The site was at a beautiful forest lake, with a perfect chill spot on the lake sides.


The best thing about Sweden is the large open areas witch we do not have in Denmark, this give more room for bigger sound systems, and this was no exception. The sound was perfect loud and clear, rumours said that it could be heard 9 km away.
This night Krumelur was playing live, he’s a guy from Malmø (Sweden), with great sound taste, he has released his first album on Crotus Rec (Dk) called minimal animal. Also Dj’s Psylotopia, Orbis, Jonas and more played.
Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the lake.


the smaller the nicer !!

lakeside rendeveauz


oh god where are my headphones

stamp heat

nothing to say !

nothing to say !


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