Trieste, Italy, 01.06.02

Italian Style

Author: Yaniv
Date: Jun 6, 2002
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the Italians knows how to make cool open air party in the old style small, no flyers, a lot of drugs, no police, only friends, punch, no CD players, no live act all in all GREAT PARTY I enjoyed a lot I have only few remarks

once again we learn that the music which will kick the most out of the GOA people is still FULL ON music with ALIEN nerving noises which sound the same like the first release on HADSHOT in 1996 (no I didn't meant to say " I created a monster") and like kylie minouge I ask myself "is the world still spinning around?"

a question - why MOST of the GOA people which consider themselves as new age hippies and the most open people for higher intelligence and enlightenment are so BLOCK in their musical taste? nevermind- some things will remain a mystery

another thing about the Italians

the party was cool till 08:00 in the morning but than after all the 400 people left and only 1 tripping old women stayed on the dancefloor they decided to continue to play only for her till 14:00 it was like a competition who will surrender first THE LAST DANCER or THE DJ what to do? ITALIAN STYLE

keep cool Yaniv

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