Chaishop Anniversary Tour 2002

Chaishop Tourdate at Wasserburg Cologne

Author: Daniel / Bushava Azbuka
Date: May 22, 2002
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  Aug 14, 2001 - Text: Daniel/Bushava Azbuka- Photos: Sam & Sonic   1 - 2 - 3
Well for the first time playing in Germany I was lucky.
very cool crowd and I think only people who came to party.where the real ones
Its not like this in other parts of the world… know people who are just passing by…wrong reasons…drug fucked ups…and so on.
Maybe organisers Electric circus are doing realy good,maybe place was super or probably both.

Apart from that it was chaishop party and the vibe was cool. So I guess people gonna remember and they gonna give further support to tham for building new generation people scene without old , now greed ego trips who are probably thinking that the music, ideas,happening are there for them and not oposite.
The place was very nice.everything on high standard so the rest was dj-ing.
I mess up until midnight and after I play build up set until 2.


Daniel (Bushava Azbuka)in the Mix

Anthony & Pepe on stage

People like Charizmatic,new Etnica thing,,Bubbling the techno went O.K. After was a bit hard but comparing with southern countries where I’m usually playing it was nothing.
After Alpha takes over and he went with how I understand typical German style and he was cool with that.
unfortunately after half an hour I have to go back playing but this time ambient set
.So I enter the hippie triumph place and between the smoke clouds, thick air and sitting people I was giving track after track completely different landscape or this famous freestyle or no style, going from Luis Armstrong wine drinking to Beach resting , far away from Ibiza dub and after cheesy pop sofa burning.
The cd players where cool only for little kids playing dj games so I can’t mix at all but still I was enjoying surpassing people.
I missed the Alphas set I missed S-range trance live playing,

the new Chaishop backdrop

once again Danial playing
Anyway I think all the bands from the scene are live only for flyer promotions 95% of the times. My personal opinion is that dj are the core of the scene when it comes to think about parties
In the morning I was happy with Sam psychedelic track which I relay like.
With time passing I dance with the other dancers,drink with others drinkers and moving around to see every human behaviour.
After I was chilling proudly not on drugs and I was witnessing how the people misunderstands freedom.
From the other music I was not concentrating on space safari and the others being tired.
In the chill area in the morning Paco relax me with real ambient….I don’t like beats on chill floors.
With the time I was thinking about beds and bathrooms but suddenly some music and it was really music and music and music refresh me, make me high and make me feel love and feel purity and feel full of entuziazm to dance and enjoy.Tao thanks.It was for a long time really fresh .I want to play same tunes
By the way the hands up moment for this party was Klangstrahler playing probably his version of pink floyd´s we don’t need no education including original solo and so on…
In the afternoon after the party we where driving to Hamburg awake only with our heads…it was a good one.

Paco in the mix

hands moving too far for the camera

what kind of drug is that ??

trippy visions by Mae & Moa

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