Amager Bio - review

Rocki´n Denmark part 2

Author: Flower
Date: May 22, 2002
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Aug 14, 2001 - Text: Flower - Photos: Flower

Line up:
Jonas & Datai
Sun Project
Marco Menichelli
I went to this party I order to interview Ticon, a leading Swedish trance act. It started at 22, with Jonas & Datai playing nice progressive stuff, with they do excellent. They are some of the Danish underground best dj’s, and hopefully going to be more famous in the world I the next couple of years. They played the first two hours while the place where getting filled with people. Amager Bio is one of Copenhagen’s largest indoor locations with space for around 1200 people. Its also one of the most “main stream” trance locations, where the people new to the scene usually have there first party experiences.

After a while Jonas & Datai has got the place pumping with great progressive tunes, and its time for Antaro to take over, I had been really looking forward to hear him play some of the new Spirit Zone stuff, and I was definitely not disappointed, here played more psychedelic than the duo before him, and it really got people moving, with a great progressive beat and twisted sounds.


I around one I meet up with the two Ticon boys backstage to make an interview (witch I will release later). They promised to deliver a great live act later. They started out very well by playing some new stuff I never heard before, moving over to some “new disco science alliance” tracks with much inspiration from progressive house. I really loved it, but I think the crowed wanted more psychedelic stuff, because there wasn’t the same feeling as when Antaro was playing. In the end, they got all moving with there classic killer tracks “we are the mammoth hunters” and so on.

Sun project witch are always making a great live show didn’t disappoint this time, the where kicking really ass, with there drum set, live guitar and smashing sound. There was a great feeling in the big room, all people went crazy and it was a great time. After that Marco Menichelli should dj. This I thought was quite bad actually, as I heard he didn’t make one beat mix at all, all the mixes was just fading, and the tracks was old classics most of then (witch is good some time) but I was hoping to hear some new stuff.
Over all this was a great party, with a little soft ending. But stay tuned more reviews are coming up from the scene of Denmark.
Flower (Nektar)



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