Dandelion @ Bastionen - review

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Author: Flower
Date: May 22, 2002
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Aug 14, 2001 - Text: Flower - Photos: Flower 

This week I went for a party in a new “kind of underground” place in Copenhagen, I was to organize a chaishop for my friends who organized the party.
The place Christine Amalies Bastionen, is as long from every thing u can possible get, while still being inside Copenhagen, it’s out in the old military docks, a shot distance from our world famous Chritiania (where weed, and mushrooms are legal and the mentality is like in the sixties. I love that place to party, its only the music lovers ho will travel there so the vibe is usually really great.
Today (the 5 of may) its Mellow Sessions ho have there second party at the location, the line up is Datai & Jonas (Mellow sessions, Dk), Alhad (Iboga, Dk), Damaro (Creamcrop, Dk) and Laurent (Spirit Zone, De). As always the sound system was great, and this time there where no UV lights at all, something I found quite nice, sometimes its gets a bit too much I think. Datai & Jonas was the first to hit the decks, they did great as always with there progressive deep style, Damaro was also I a good mood that day, and play a great set. I can’t recall any specific tracks, but I was working in our Chaishop to, and dancing when I got the chance.

l had never did show up, the Iboga guys said that he was In Brazil at the time, very unlucky because his one of my favourite Dj’s. But a to me, unknown dj did it very very well and made the best set of the night I think. Laurent was good, for sure, but at a time he got much to hard and smashing for me, but got to play a much more deep funky house kind of style in the end, witch hits me in the brain completely. Love the new sounds for sure.
Our Chaishop went ok, not the big advantage, but it was a job for friends so its okay, we had a great time. One of the best parties for sure. Take a look at the pictures, and stay dancing forever.


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