Burning Man 2001, Aug 14

welcome to freak city

Author: Maec
Date: May 15, 2002
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May 15, 2002 - Photos & Text: Mäc Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Burning Man – the most craziest festival on earth? The largest party ever? There are lots of name tags for this remarkable event. Burning Man happens once a year in the desert of Nevada, USA. The environment? A lonely completely flat surface made out of white dust – called „the playa“ – and it really is more dusty than everything you know. The smallest dust particles on the planet. One percent of humidity. Almighty hot days, chilly nights. Sky and earth. Sun and moon. And what does the Burning Man Website say? If you haven’t been there, there is no way to describe this event. And how would any Burning Man visitor say? He would use the same words... – and still I will try to take you there with this article.


Burning Man began in 1986 on the nice beaches of San Francisco. Later it moved to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. That as well explains how that large gathering of camps got it’s name „Black Rock City“. It really is a city not only by it’s outer shape that develops here every year just for a week or so. Thanks to street names such as „8 o’clock“ or „Jupiter“ the city with some 25,000 inhabitants is easy to navigate. Black Rock City is the state of Nevada’s fifth-largest city. Besides their crazy art mobiles the citizens have discovered bicycles as their favorite means of transportation. Thousands of them are on the flat desert playa, and at large event and location sites one can find lots of bikes covered in dust and thus all in the same color...

picture by Thom van Os.




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