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A look back to the early 90's in Germany

Author: Frank from Ambient Room
Date: Mar 10, 2005
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Date: March 10, 2005
Text: Frank from Ambient Room

In Berlin 91 in low hot night I met Mickey from U.K. in a bar called Arche Noah,we talked the whole night and where flying to all sources.He told me about Synergie a trance project from there and parties !?! I asked him what kind of parties and he tried to explain - dance - colours – people – crossing throw nights and days…..-trance life…..imagine,it was a very boring club scene in that time.
Well I was quiet known about A. Hoffmann´s Lucy in the sky with diamonds , but those story was completely different. Lot of creative people were looking for a new vibration,standing on the edge of age of aquarius .Berlin was the center of a big international squat-movement. After the one germany- thing people became bored again and enthusiasm went of .A year later I came back to my hometown Hamburg and I met Axel a Goa Dj in a EBM club called Unit, on the other hand was just houseshit around ,nothing good new only a view into something can progressed .He told me to come on party at Waldheim.OOOOK!New music and style,which I shure never got befor.We went up to that place outside in the countryside in the forest. Wow what an impression,marvelous place.Everybody was helping hand in hand to build everything up in love and harmony,not discussing so many negative influences T.Leary´s drop in - tune on - turn out became reality.After sunset came more and more freaky people and we were getting more on and on Round about 120 people in colourful exotic style and in a unbelievable surrounding where at that beautiful place which was a former recreation restaurant and turned from the bottom to the top with flouescent decoration.the party could start slowly A new georgious.way of dance I´ve never seen before,people spread the seeds of love and harmony not that aggressive alcohol energy and women were not always borderd by stupid drunk men .Chillums circled around at a outside campfire,well how to smoke that funny pipe´s , and even where what and who is Goa ??? Music became better and better and everybody surfed around on dancefloor and smiling happily So easy going Antaro , Scotty and Axel gave us a unforgettable flight.we tranced a whole night up to sunrise and even over daytime only few went of to walk in the forest around and play with dwarfs and elfs under was so amazing and instead of all I knew before this spiritual train was the best I ever experienced in partying.happy full-filled and satisfied we went home and juhahoo………
The crowd met there every three months there or at Antaro´s place in Altona ,a little nice backplace at a old factory-ground in Hamburg. More and more friends came with us to enjoy this brandnew hype. I started to paint my first dolphin and other UV active paintings.,and we join all next parties.
Winter 92-93 we planed to go to India and where invited to live in the house of Johann Bley who just finished Jungle High on a record with Juno Reactor In gerrrrrmany we were almost 300 freaks joining party in Hamburg and even much in Berlin.To the Voov in Sprötze came almost 800 people from everywhere in the world,most know each other from traveling.I never expect like this could realy happen may just in pirate movies I knew parties like this.Every thing everybody was on,when they play “wir schicken euch ins all” we ran to the dancefloor anstumped like space-gorrllas,I came back to the chaishop and a mama gave back my portemonnaie and everything I forgot. We were a 100% trustable crowd of individual freaks,artists musicans hitchhikers in paradise,and a closed consprative family.We believed we could change the world within this tribe.
Music in that time was handmade,PC just got the first prg´s from steinberg and Dj´s & musicians collected their sound on DAT or Walkmen.There were no stuff like today every bassline was individuall.The first Keyboard-Samplers wher out and got rates of some seconds, sounds were recorded on marketplaces,djungles and deserts and everywhere else, a 15 sec. Fractale on pc needs three months to program and a lot of smoke.
Love parade comes and goes,trance survived,the last years music became better and better again,after everybody got a pc and music prg´s was to much on space.and the big spiritual sold out was also a problem but now we are back on our roots and money can be a power we can use against the systems of repression,we know all what I´m talking about.
We need you and not the pushers and idiots try to infiltrate our lovely community´s
So imagine we were in stone-age and unde r dinosaurs,but we dance for love ,peace and a better life on our beautiful planet earth and create a world of our dreams

Life love light

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