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X-Mas,Fullmoon and New Year on the Beach!

Author: Ede
Date: May 14, 2002
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May.02.2002 - Text: EBE - Photos:  Elkelv


No special Partycelebrations on the beach and the Police took care that the Tranceclubs closed at 2 a.m.(Thailaw).

The clubs "HARMONY" and "VINYL"were closed by the Police for 1 month!!Ko Phangan like every year around this time was packed with tourists and everybody wants to have a good time at a spoilt but still spectacular beachlocation.


FULLMOON 29.12.:

Around 6 000 people came together to celebrate on Haad Rin Beach.So this happening is nothing else than a touristattraction,the visitors enjoy it a lot.

Various kinds of tourists mix with Thaipeople.So the DJ,s try to satisfy different tastes,playing House,Drum,nBass,Rock,Reggae,Trance etc., in clubs along the southern side of the beach,speakers facing the sea. And----W O W ---- a bit further down the beach at "TOMMY---RESORT",is happening what we would call a PSYTRANCE PARTY!!

Around 500 people came here to celebrate Fullmoon under palmtrees,in tropical heat. Organized by Deny from SAIKOSOUNDS(Hongkong),


7 DJ,s were booked to play on fullmoon and Newyear.It were:
SPONGEMAN(dimensi on 5/UK),
and special guest from Berlin
,SVEN LOOPING. And I must say, his set was the most impressive one!
Early evening SPONGEMAN started with ambient tunes and at 10p.m. KOB took
over with pumpin and groovin Psytrance.Later on DRAGON,SVEN and
kicked until 9a.m.. Still many people danced so JR and JACKY(Bangkok)kept
playing until 2 in the afternoon.
Time to chill out then.Going for a swim wasn,t recommended,high and dirty water and high waves!For the Partyanimals that can,t get enough the "BACKYARD" opened in the morning and partying there went on until late night!





After a few hours of sleep and a Newyeardinner the celebrating crowd took to the beach again.At "TOMMY" they created a totally different optical sight than 2 nights before.They made the place smaller,using Blacklightart,Stringconstructions and Textiles,creating an atmosphere to feel at home.Because of the commercial
"KO PHANGAN 2002"Party at Paradise--waterfall less Trancefriends came to party here.But they could enjoy an even better time then 2 nights ago.Most people were dancing:everybody seemed happy,creating positive energy.
All DJ,s played great music,this time joined by MONBAZA.Around midnight we could watch a quite spectacular firework. I love those huge fireballs exploding over the sea,well not above or on the beach where people might get hurt (happens here often)!?!




The music was so good you couldn,t get tired,so the Party went through a colourful sunrise and a sunny morning until 3 o,clock in the afternoon.
After that the 4 of us went by motorbike to the Waterfallparty(fee:55$). Please somebody else write about that one!
Another place where Trancers had a good time was the "ZOOM"club.What a great time I had again on Ko Phangan!
Special thanks to my friend RICK LEE,the longhaired Partyanimal and B.B.Q.master from Taipei who shared this 2 months here with me.
Love,Peace and Happiness .....EBE


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