3d vision label party in Mexico...

Interview wiht Lestat (Talamasca) by Vazik

Author: Vazik
Date: Apr 23, 2002
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On may 4th 3D vision is coming to Mexico, one of the most important full-on trance labels in the world, here is an interview with one of the heads of this label team. You can find more information about the party at www.spiral-republik.com

1.Which are your origins and how did you come to
Well , i am french with a bit of pollish blood from my mother....musically , i come from heavy metal....but in the same time i was a piano player....and i knew i wanted to do music in my life....i had just made a mistake on the kind of music (lol).....and i discovered electronic music when i was 17 i think.....it changed my life like most of the people who will read this....

2.Could you tell us something about the idelogy of 3D
I can tell you from my point of view because we are 5 in the 3d vision team....3 producers (christof mael and me...) , 1 dj , (matt)and jean , our distribution manager.....so do we have the same philosophy all of us ? no . But this is our philosophy....to be different from each other and to grow this difference to become in the end a ìcomplementaryî team!(i hope it s english....)....but with the music philosophy , then , it s much easier to answer : good tracks well produced.....and if possible : full-on!!!!! ( but we don t like ONLY full on.....we are musicians , we respect a lot of music.....but we do music for parties...)

3.Which are your favourites labels in this moment?
Recently , i mean for the last year , i must say that Spiral trax , Tip and moon spirits are my favorites.....but the GMS label (SPUN records)will kick ass!!!....

4.What do you think of today¥s scene in general, where
is the music going?
It s hard for me to speak about what i think of the scene because i will make myself some ennemies.......i think that compare to the spirit of the music in the past , the scene became much more minimalistic or experimental , under the reason of being ìpsychedelicî and to do something ìdifferentî....i think it s bullshitt.....most of the artist don t want to put melodies in their tracks because they are ì afraid about what some other artist could thinkî.....when i began to produce electronic music , i knew already that my goal was to make music and not noise!!!and i still think this way , and i think my music follows this idea....

5.Is there a favourite Talamasca¥s album for you? why?
You know , even if i released about more than 50 tracks ( i think....i don t know exactly to tell you...)i only have two albums.......so you want me to choose between the ìfirstî and the ìlastî............too hard to answer....i just think the production of the last one is a level higher.....

6.Tell us the strangest or funniest moment you had
lived in your musician career?
I have a lot of funny memories from everywhere....some strange ones like when the police arrived in the flat of the promoters for who i was coming in israel...i was justr arriving form the airport , the police jumped on us and took us to the police station...i didn t understand a word of course....i didn t know why i was here , i didn t know even the promoters because i came for the first time for them....after 6 hours of questions , they let me go...but belive me , i laugh about it now....but when it happened...not so much...or everytime i ve been to japan , i had some really funny moments trying to speak with some japaneses guys who don t understand a word in english....or in moscow in the airport...the custom guy thought i had too much money on me........so because he was nice , he let me take my plane after i gave him 100 dollars....staf like this you mean??? ;)

7.About all your side projects, which one you enjoy
more and why?
I don t have really side projects....i made some tracks with friends under another name of talamasca....which is different.....so it is hard to say with who i enjoyed the most.....i can tell you that with mael , it s always fun because we are friends for more than ten years , so of course we enjoy to work together.....and he is french , so we don t have this communication problem between us...otherwise , with oforia or spacecat , it was very coool too.....with the gms guys , it can only be fun......but the two guys from who i took the most in my kind of work are Erze from infected mushrooms and Ido from Domestic....

8.Your favourites for the moment?
Astrix is i think the new revelation of this year...do you know that most of the alien project are made with him too?and his new album will be a killer for those who like full on music for the morning of the party....except him , the regulars....nomad , absolum , deedrah (when it s trance...) , Gms , spacecat , oforia.........

9.You are one of the most recognized full on trance
musicians over the world, what do you think of trance
styles like minimal and progressive?
I think i answered this upper........;)

10.Any future projects?
I am working now on my next album...i am almost at the middle , and believe me , this one , you will ear it only in my live act before it will be released....beside this , i am working on tracks for some compilations , for spirit zone , moon spirit or TIP.....

11.What have you heard about the mexican scene?
Actually i ve eard a lot...........but the best is to wait a bit before to speak.....two weeks from now i will see by my eyes.......

12.Is there something else you want to tell to the
mexican trance freaks?
ìget some visions by going 3dî...ehehehe.......


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