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UK Psyscene Alive & Kicking !!

Author: Analog Pusy
Date: Mar 27, 2002
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UK Psy Trance scene is Alive and kicking!
5 years ago Trance was huge in England. The collapse of the leading Trance-music Distributor (Flying distribution/UK) dragged down some UK Trance labels, artists and party organizations.
Recently, it's getting strong again in London.

The Organizers: Vlado, a young Macedonian combining force with the legendary Nick Mindscapes. Vlado took us from Heathrow airport to Nick's who was at Camden Market buying food. what's Nick like? we asked Vlado. ah... you'll see.. was the grinning answer.

Nick is a 52 years old kid with a loud roaring laughter. you dont really know what's so funny,
but you just roll on the floor laughing along. He's also one of the god-fathers of the scene. in the early 90's he organized Acid house parties. now he's a part of the new revival of UK Psy.
He put us in his old attic. a mattress on the floor, 3 non working TV sets. we slept like babies.
food was chips and pies. nobody said British food is great. except for brits naturally.

The Small Talks: At the wooden headquarter kitchen we met Mat Mushrrom; a DJ & the owner of the German Trance magazine "Mushroom". it was quite funny to meet Mat for the first time in this situation ... the whole thing turned out to be like a round-table international summit of the UK, Germany & Israel, along with representatives from Macedonia and Greece.
Vlado described the party scene in Macedonia. though the political & economic situation there isnt bright people are madly partying. we asked what's the traditional Macedonian food,
and Nick said before Vlado had a chance to reply - Albanians !!

The Party was Hot & powerful. the EQ Club was full but not over packed. about 1000 ppl.
LineUp: Electric Melon, Shane Gobi, Mat Mushroom, Dimitri TIP & Analog Pussy.
Massive and colorful deco combined with amazing Mindscapes projections.
the sound wasn't the best but still it was loud and clear ... maybe we played too loud.
We tested on our audience 2 new trax from our current 12" (AP103) - "Ball Banger"
and "The Lion and The Witch".. the first is deep-massive with an irresistible drive slammer.
the second, a Kraftwerk influenced groover with cembalos and a classic flavor ... ala experimental.
check out the review by Shahar;

Pussy coming gigs;
Austria / Vienna April 5 , Germany / Limburg April 20
Belgium / Brussels May 11 .Canada / Toronto May 19
Canada / Toronto May 25 , Canada / Quebec May 31

on our next shows watch out for Jiga's new Bass-Guitar from BassLab !!!
looks like a yellow Spaceship, a masterpiece!

+ Jinno
Analog Pussy

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