Author: hikuri
Date: Mar 14, 2002
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Red Crystal Dragon' & 'White Cosmic Wind ritual gathering

hereĀ“s something special about a gathering of the tribes in Mexico
I know that its something like a party but it seems to be more, thats why I put it in here


A ritual gathering is about to be held in Teotihuacan, Mexico. It's purpose is to receive the cicle change called 'Equinox'. Here, there will be Mexica dancers alongside UK's Koyote/Peyote Records Live Acts & Live PA/Dj set's- AETERNUM (LA/Uk), ENCENS (LA/UK), HUX FLUX (LA/Swd), PSYCHOID (LA/US), SILK (LA/UK), DARA LEE (LPA/Dj Set/UK), PAPS (LPA/Fr), POLARIS (LPA/Fr), HOPI (Dj Set/UK) & SIMON PIEMAN (Dj Set/UK)- what stands out and is meaningfull in this gathering will be time and space as well as certain properties of the place where the ritual will be held.

Every member of the tribe that comes forth to this event will live on special moment: this is not an ordinary celebration for the label which's sound will resonate in the sacred land of prehispanic deities, this date will unite diverse representation with a sole objective;for 'Hikuri', the mexican bridgers, the pursual of this objective was initiated when they devoted themselves to the service of their mission in 'Nomayotl' with Goa Gil on november 10th & 11th of 2001; their initiation ritual. This energy now flows to a venerated place that is recognized as a "dimensional gate", to continue following a path that sows conciousness.

This will also be special for anyone that assists this ritual, everyone with a harmonic objective is able to realize a communion in dance and is synchronizing with the cosmos.

March 20th & 21st of 2002 will be the temporal coordinates for this ritual. The Mayan's framed these days under the seals of 'Red Crystal Dragon' & 'White Cosmic Wind' respectively. The first one 'Kin Imix' searcher of the fourtain of plentifullness which nurtures itself to cooperate, and the second one 'Kin Ik', the one that has arrived to the limit and must open his spirit to receive knowledge and inspiration. This are the 'kines' that inagurate a new cycle.

Trought this ritual there is movement that is generating the birth of 'Hikuri Trance Network': a proposal that aims at reataking the esence of the Trance scene.

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