Eyesundays - Xorostasio Club (02/03/2002)

Experimental psychedelic music DJ Sets

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Feb 7, 2002
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Feb 03, 2002 - Text: Sequential-X

Eyesundays is a new event that would like to get our attention in Xorostasio Club in the centre of Athens. Headliner of these events is Harris Papadimitriou, mostly known for his work in Freeze magazine. This party night, with the sonical support of major psychedelic record labels (Psy-Harmonics, Demon Tea etc.), aims to guide us in the unknown and experimental waters of psychedelic music.

Xorostasio is a very nice club mostly known from his rock roots and nights but serves the mood quite good. The stuff was helpful and friendly although, their range of beers was quite limited (this is for beer addicts, others can avoid this line, like never been written on electronic paper). The whole vibe was good though and matched the trance sounds out of the speakers. There are some nice lighting effects to please your trip too. In general, I believe the club fits well the friendly vibe of Eyesundays.

We arrived at the club at around 10:30 and the DJ was playing some nice ambient stuff. Gradually the set got harder and harder, till we moved into full on trance of the past age, with classics such us Psyko Disko "Nobody" (I must admit, this is the first time I heard this track loudly in Greece from another DJ apart myself!). It was nice to hear the different sounds of trance in a nice warm place. The crowd wasn't much but I am sure that people will soon appreciate this soon. I would definitely love to see more and more people attending this event because it really deserves it.

Overall we had a good time and a good laugh, the music was great and so was the atmosphere. We expect more and more people joining this weekly venue. Just to show that we can appreciate good music and good efforts here in Greece. Till next time then, hope to see you all dancing and laughing to a little bit more sophisticated sounds that you are used too. If you decide to attend this event, then I wish you a nice flight. Remember its only 5.89 euros we are talking about. Plus free entrance on the 17th of February event.

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