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Author: aaron
Date: Jan 22, 2002
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October 2001

New debut release from the SF Bay area's Spectral Concepts, featuring a line
up of all tracks exclusively produced by North American artists. A modern
perspective of the North American psychedelic sound.

The compilation starts
off with a funky, progressive groover by Opher India Drop, hailing from NYC
and owner of Purple Oz Distribution. You may also remember Opher from his
earlier project, Sinister Funk, which left the world drooling for more with
its sucessful releases on labels such as Hadshot, Shiva Space Technology,
and Alchemy Records.

Next we're devasted by the blistering beauty of Penta's
"Zeynep". After plenty of play from DJs such as Goa Gill, this well-kept SF
Bay gem shines on his first release!

Wormfood - Ug, is next. California
native producer BJ Rigney pours out his metallic laced visions of dance
floor madness.

Next in line is San Francisco's Bufo, Rob Rayle & Adam
O'Hana, two veterans of the US electronic & psychedelic scene. Adam is the
co-founder of Eyephunk Distribution, as well as being one of the people
responsible for giving America its first international Trance festival
(Fusion Fest.)!

We now travel to the other side of the coast to Montreal,
Canada where Nuclear Ramjet reside. These guys have played a major role is
creating some of the finest Trance to have been exported out of American

Flying back to the west coast we're greeted by the thundering bass
sounds of Phosphene, aka Ghreg on Earth. SF is proud to have this inspiring
musician and amazing DJ to call its own.

Going north to Vancouver, British
Columbia, fresh out of Graphic Sound studios is Data Entry, another cutting
edge Canadian artist already world renowned for his release on labels such
as Hadshot & ZMA.

Now back to San Francisco for the funky Trance sounds of
Tendril. Not only does this guy create some wicked sounds, he is also
responsible for the brilliant artwork on this release!

To end the
compilation, Minimlaniml (aka Jeremiah) "closes the line" with his sleek,
minimal progressive sounds that unleash the animal within.

The CD is
presented as a killer 3 panel fold out 'digipak', including bios of each
artist involved.



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