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Date: Nov 4, 2001
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upd. mar 16, 2002

Steve Dragon

At the age of 3 he had first contact to his uncle's drumkit, and, from then on, nothing became more interesting for him than making music. For Steve, music and instruments have always had a magic appeal and even in these young years he was sure to be a musician one time. All his life is to make music. This was always sure for him. Steve grew up with reggae-music, his dad often danced with him on his shoulders and gave a feeling of rhythm and harmony.

In the 80's, inspired by bands like Kraftwerk, New Order and Depeche Mode, he started programming electronic music at the age of 13 and was asked to play with a Synth-Pop-band, that covered DM-songs and had some own stuff; they played together for 4 years, Steve soon wrote all the songs and they had a lot of gigs, but nothing serious. At the same time, he played with a darkwave-band, today well-known as "in strict confidence". He left the band, but he came back later as a drummer.

After that, he formed the group "Jah family", a reggae-project, basing on Steve's keyboard-sounds, a conga-player and vocals. Some years later, this project had grown to a complete live-band with drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. The band played for 7 years and he learned a lot about arranging songs and performing as a songwriter and, later, as a really good session-drummer. The band quit because of musical differences, and Steve started to concentrate on making electronic dance music. In 1996, the first tape "the arrival" was recorded, it contained 8 tracks and was a simple demonstration of Steve's music.

1997 he finished his training as an electrician and made his first CD-Project "Water into Acid", a 9-track-album with a lot of psy- influences, but still a demo. He sold all the 300 records and produced a new CD in '98, "Within the Loop", which was a mix of various styles, mainly electro and acid-house. At that time, Steve started performing live at a lot of illegal partys and some festivals. He learned to make good sound for different situations. A live-recording called"life @ fundamental" was produced at one of those partys. In 1999 he added the "Dragon" to his name and played a psy-trance-session at the Soma-Solaris-Festival/Rhoen, in 2001 live @ GURUNITY and on several other (illegal) psy/techno-partys

In April 2000, after some time of making house-music, a 2-track-vinyl was produced, minimal-house-sound for mixing-sessions. Sounds good in the mix !! Try it, Mr. DJ! Absolutely underground, still without label/distribution. Order by email !

In the year 2000 he signed his first contract with Nephilim Records, a fine psy-trance-label; mainly hard psy-trance, always with his own style, with a lot of details in sound and rhythm. Good for dancing, good for listening. The first official release was a track called "Dragon" on the nephilim-compilation "Psychedelic Soundforce", distributed by ZYX. "Siren Cosmos" is the second track to be released at Nephilim. Shakaree released the track "Raindance". There should be new releases on Nephilim and other labels soon.

As a drummer he plays now with the darkwaveband "In Strict Confidence" which has already had a number 1 hit in the DAC-Charts and played a lot of concerts all over the world. He also produces and remixes new tracks for ISC.

But the big love to creating psytrance and goa will always stay....

The aim is to make nothing but music........ and reach many people deep in their souls with the peaceful attitude of music. A universal way of communication, which seems to become more and more important.

Steve Dragon

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