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Tim (Fireheart) makes music in his van...

Author: aaron
Date: Feb 2, 2001
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Tim (Fireheart) makes music in his van...

Bay Area @ Large
Text: aaron


To Tim Smith, AKA Fireheart, his van is both home and studio. A full time recording engineering student at Xpressions School for New Media in Emeryville, A DJ for at least one Trance party a weekend, and a Psychedelic Recording Artist from his van- Tim is fully absorbed in the world of sound.

Tim Says:

"My mission here on this planet IZ to: Give and create art both Audio and Visual ,To help stimulate new directions of thought and Sculpt sonic FrEaKuencies to massage your body and mind into a Elevated state of Vibratory awareness, That will hopefully move one towards a deeper state of oneness with the Physical Universe- Thereby placing you face to face with the Divine, the deepest reaches of your inner self ,and the process by which you arrived here "or all of us for that matter". My purpose is to help others find a reason to move and shake with RHYTHM and SOUL, and to make others smile and feel happy about being here too. My MISSION here is to help Elevate the Vibe where ever I stand on this Planet at any one moment .

Bom Shankar and Om Nama Shiva ......

And peace To Grandma's Everywhere. "

Well put, Tim!

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