Sun Project

Live! @ Thump Radio Party

Author: Sebrax
Date: Feb 9, 2001
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February 9th, 2001

Sun Project

Live! @ Thump Radio Party

550 Barneveld St. San Francisco, CA
Text & Photos: Sebrax

German psy-trance trio S.U.N. Project rocked the Thump Radio party floor once again! They had the crowd jumping up in the air, arms flyin', and everybody screaming from their alien-masked entrance until it was time to take it home.

As the sweat-drenched three played on, it was evident they were pumped with adrenaline from their very amused crowd of fans. Although they skipped my two personal favorites, they went full-on with Computer Breath and At the Edge of Time. I'd have to say that Matthias on the guitar never fails to have everyone stomping for more!

S.U.N Project's been my very favorite for four years now and still remains to be the best and most rippin live psy act I have seen! -Sebrax




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