Chaishop Tour Mexico

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Author: Ellement
Date: Jun 11, 2001
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may 5, 2001

Chaishop Tour Mexico

Huixquilucan, MEXICO

Text: Mariel Baqueiro

pictures by Ellement


Beggining the summer trance season in Mexico, instead of what that means in countrys like Germany (sunny open airs) here the rainy season starts and it seems that the organizers dont care so much about that, we have plenty of big open airs each weekend !! On saturday 5th of may was the return of chaishop tour to Mexico with a very nice line up including Ollie from Space Tribe , Alpha and Sam from Chaishop Germany, and Geza + Vazik from Spirit Zone , It was a really nice party with more than 1000 people and with a very nice weather, Vazik and Geza where in charge of the warm up and the people started to dance with their usual hypnotic groovy and powerfull stuff. The place was surrounded with very big hills and we enjoyed a shiny moon like no other, a very unusual but really nice performance was done by Marcos (crazy cyberpunk artist) and some girls who were helping him in the trippy act. Maybe at 2 am Alpha begin to play powerfull tracks that made a good introduction for the main attraction of the night : Ollie Wisdom ! He made a combination between live act and dj set who blew the people

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