Vigneswhara @ Emmen

Author: moreOn
Date: Dec 13, 2000
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Vigneswhara @ Emmen
written by: More One
(Dec 13, 2000)

revised by Ed, the big `ol Fat

Vigneshwara in Emmen


Vigneswhara, Children of Ganesh

DJ Matt BooM!, Zapf, Dick j.v.Blanco, Emmen , behind the fire department fl15,-


Hey all, Well, Emmen is not the regular choice for anyone from Amsterdam, but, as luck would have it, one DJ is one of the leading trance-DJ`s in the Netherlands, Matt Boom!, and a close friend that`s just shot off his career as well was playing there. And as luck would fail to have it, it would happen that the first part of our trip was disastrous for a start, but turned out nicely in a train [instead of a car] but with Jesse, Tom and Mandy as company, not much to go wrong for the long trip up north.

Well, almost, since we missed out entirely on the set by Zapf, who unconsciously and unwillingly converted us to come over. We as the Dutch travel tribe (or so it seems) were late once again. This happens far too often and we`ve already beat the hell out of each other for it, so please, don`t blame us for coming late.

Finally getting there, how did we get there anyway, o yeah, taxi, strange buggers over there, as to our experience is often the case with cabbies other than those in Amsterdam, though here even the Central was kinda weird. Not gonna expand on that though :) Finally arriving, we found that

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