Mexican trance

Author: Klaudia
Date: Jun 11, 2001
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june 11 2001

Ecliptic: Mexican trance

Interview by: Klaudia


1.- When and how Ecliptic takes form?

Ecliptic begun at the ends of 1999, before this year we had worked by our own way. We have a lot of influences because we started playing in punk-rock bands. Later, we became familiars with synthesizers, sequencers and samplers and we realized that we had more important things to do. We like all kind of music and also, play with rhythms and sounds that live inside of our minds. When we started playing together, we realized that inside of psychedelic trance music we were able to make a lot of projects. That is the way that the songs started to be alive.

2. How do you define your music style?

Probably is hard to define our own style, actually we don't like to do that, because we prefer our ideas take part by themselves on the machines. We had a lot of styles and we like to create original things. We had mixed ambient with minimal sounds and rhythms, but what we like the most is to create trance music with minimal funny rhythms and groove sounds. Every time we are working we pay attention in each part, because every little part of a song plays an important role. That's why we can have our own style.

3.- Which is each one's role in the music production?

The musical production is in our hands. The rhythm's creations and the manipulated sound, also the last details and the record of each track. We are working in this project the most part of the day. Each one of us, develops a different assignment when we play live; Juanito is the one who shoots the rhythms and sequences on real time giving to the song its shape and Raul manipulates the lead sounds creating new atmospheres.

4.- How do you appear on the Mexican trace scene?

We started playing in small parties of our friends, later, we had the big opportunity to play with Astral Projection and Space Cat, then, little by little we were guests of important parties just like the first time Infected Mushroom visited Mexico City. We had also interacted with Juno Reactor, Shiva Chandra, Cosmosis, Dark Soho, Mapusa-Mapusa, Double Dragon, California Sunshine, Mindfield, Gus Till And Logic Bomb.

5.- Tell me about your goals and plans about yourselves in the international scene

By now, we are still working on the recording of our tracks, we want to get our own style being recognized internationally. We are anxious to play in another countries and to feel the people of other places. We think that the only way to make this real, is working very hard and its what are we going to do.

6.- What do you think about the Mexican trance scene at its future?

In the last years psychedelic trance in Mexico had acquired so much popularity, however, it hasn't received enough importance and we believe that we are living the exactly moment to show it internationally because we count with the basic elements to make it true and we're not saying that we already know everything, but we'll still be on the way, fighting to become this into a real scene.




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