Cyberfunk Party with Koxbox

Saturday 30th of June

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Jul 3, 2001
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Cyberfunk Party with Koxbox

Saturday 30th of June

We arrived at the venue at around 12:30. The que wasn't that big but it was early on and something like this was expectable. The dancefloor was quite empty and Kostas the resident was playing some warm-up tunes. People started to pack in as time was passing by and around 2:00 the floor was almost full. Kostas moved into more harder stuff and the floor reacted with appreciation.

2:30 and Frank E was in the DJ booth for his first half. Groovy tunes in the familiar Cybefunk style (German and Swedish stuff mostly) were coming out of the speakers, I expected Frank to push things a little further but he is the DJ he knows better. The floor seemed O.K with people dancing and having it big time but I was not satisfied yet...

Ian started to mess with the console. In between Frank's last tunes he was dropping samples from "Crunchy Moles" and a couple of tracks later "Crunchy Moles" was coming out of the speakers, finding the duo behind the Nord Lead 2 and Korg Prophecy synths. The reaction from the crowd was awesome personally I jumped straight into the floor and started to dance like a loony... It was salvation at last. One hit, after another and all "The Great Unknown" material passed through. Apart from the King which was a bit sad. Kox played some new tunes too that seem to pick up from where "The Great Unknown" left us. They also played some familiar psychopod stuff and one of them really boosted the floor into higher states of happiness.

The live was great and lasted for over an hour. The tunes where that bit different from the original versions just to full fill the live feeling. Personally I had a great time and judging by the reactions of the crowd I believe it was the best live appearance (along ManMadeMan) till now. It is my second time experiencing Kox live and it was almost as fascinating as the first time despite the fact that Peter Candy (ex Koxbox member) was missing.

For those that wanted more, Frank took control over the decks again and headed straight into a more fast psychedelic fun feast. At this time my powers gave up on me and I took the way home (sorry but I am no 18 years old) smiling all the way. One interesting thing that Frank told me is that they WILL perform live in the Solaluna festival in Samothraki so... be there or be square.

That's all folks the night was great and it seems that when promoters "invest" in quality names nothing can go wrong. I would like to thank Kox for devoting their time to music, Andrew for being as polite and friendly as always... and a friend that got back from the dead... Respect :)

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