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Author: Sequential-X
Date: Jun 13, 2001
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Interview with Odd Harmonic

1) Since when you have been messing around with electronic music ?

We have had an interest in electronic sounds since '93 and always felt that something more interesting could be done with them than just dance music. We keep on learning new techniques/software that pushes us beyond any particular style, although we probably will end up writing cheesy money music or someting like that.

2) Do you have any other projects apart from Odd Harmonic ?

'Universe Destroyer' is an improvised project with synths, death metal, rapping and jazz. There are no set members or lineup. 'Scozbor' is the disturbing nausea beats found in the cold digital desert ambience of Kevins mind! 'Promiscuous Chrysalis' is Andrew's drum n' bass project with a live band featuring vocals, flute and guitar. (E.P. on FunkFolk records).

3) What do you believe about the psychedelic scene in general and specificaly in Australia, further more do you believe that the "Goa" vibe still exists ?

The psy scene in Australia is extremely psychedelic. There is an abundance of natural higher states! We are very lucky here because we have so much unspoilt nature (especially up here in Brisbane/Byron). The 'Goa' vibe is definately still kicking here, although what we interpret as the 'Goa' vibe may be very mislead, as we were never there! There are lots of free parties in the bush/at the beach with a really strong 'party' vibe though..

4) Name two of your favourite studio equipment ?

Porta-Bucket and our Ears!

5) What are you opinions about the software over hardware thing ?

If it sounds good then that's what matters. Software can sound just as good as hardware, and you can get it for free!, but there is nothing better than having some wicked hardware. A balance of the two usually sounds best for us.

6) Favourite bands of all time and what is the thing you admire about them ?

Shaolin Wooden Men, Miles Davis, Mr Bungle, F.S.O.L, Autechre, Cannibal Corpse, Hallucinogen, Ween, Squarepusher, Texas Faggott, Bootsy Collins, Lumakanda, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, Aphex Twin. We like them because they all write insane music!!!

7) Future sound of trance... What is your perspective about this ?

Production and minimalism seems to be pushing trance into a new realm, especially the stuff that sucks you into a false sense of security, then rips the ground out from under you! With technology advancing the way it is, I think we will need implants to be able to hear music that is beyond natural human frequency response range!

8) What is by your opinion the most influencial Australian label ?

Psy Harmonics has had a lot of influence obviously, maybe because they have never compromised on any of there releases even if they were 5 years ahead of there time and nobody would buy it, also by not confining themselves to any one genre. Demon Tea Recordings should also be mentioned as the most recent influencial Ausrtalian label.

9) What is the background story of "Coincidentalism", meaning are there any deeper messages behind it ?

We live our lives and write our music by coincidence. We can feel the prescence of another entity when we are composing and this influence is manifested by all our sounds, beats, melodies etc. Fitting together with very little effort or manipulation, almost like pieces of a jigsaw. Totally by coincidence!

10) Tell us some words about the new formed Scozbor label ?

There is so much amazing electronic music being produced in Australia, and alot of it isn't dance music. 'Scozbor Australia' is an attempt to get this music heard and recognized. The plan is to incorporate all styles of music, including non-electronic, as long as its psychedelic. The first release is an album by 'Scozbor'! Watch for a future release by 'Universe Destroyer'.

11) Who are your favourite directors and what are your favourite movies?

I'm really hopeless with directors/actors names, so I wouldn't even know who my favourites are.I really love b-grade stuff, sci-fi, 3d, old horror movies... I like movies...

12) Do you believe there is a cinematic thing in you music ?

There is a full-on cinematic feeling to our music. And not just 'Odd Harmonic' music. All our music tells stories and conjures images/feelings. Isn't that what music is about?

13) Finally what do you believe about the Finnish scene, they seem to picked up the sounds from Australia and adopted them to their universe.

The Finnish stuff is very inspiring, we get excited by the fact that they are influencing us after we possibly influenced them after us hearing a Texas Faggott track or something like that maybe 3 or 4 years ago, kind of a funky self-perpetuating chaos cycle that is circling the globe until...

...until you mess with our heads so much that we will go for permanent vacations on planet Pluto!

You can contact Odd Harmonic by clicking this link : scozbor@yahoo.com

At this point I would like to thank Kevin for being very helpful, without him this interview would be virtually impossible. Also I would like to thank Andrew for devoting the time... ResPeCt

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