Cyberphunk Party with Twisted Records

Sunday 8th of April

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Apr 10, 2001
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Cyberphunk Party with Twisted Records

Sunday 8th of April

We arrived at the venue at about 9:40 which was a major mistake since the guest list only lasts through 9:30. Many people didn't believe us about being the Chaishop posse and I must admit they were not co-operative either. We were about to leave despite the fact that FSOL's "Papua New Guinea" classic was coming out of the speakers. Anyway one good man offered to contact Andreas to settle the problem, fortunately Andreas came on and the problem was solved we were in...

By time we went on the DJ booth ED from Twisted was spinning out some really good music, funky choppy breaks and house driven grooves from the new Twisted compilation "Back Room Beats" on sister label Back Room Beats Recordings. Unfortunately the crowd is not ready yet for such sounds and apart from the Chaishop crew (well me and my girlie actually) and some other trancers the rest of them where sitting like candles waiting for the usual stuff to get them going. It is such a pity that people can't get into new soundz, it is bad for music progression. Personally I believe the starting set from ED was one of the best ever heard in the long running Cyberfunk events despite the fact that people didn't dance and ED's mixing wasn't the best in town.

After ED, Simon H (label manager) took control over the decks playing some more familiar stuff for the greek massive and quickly the floor started to pack. After half an hour the crowd was into orbit dancing to that traditional Cyberfunk sound. I must say that personally I believe this sound bores me to death but a packed floor is better than an empty floor... Simon played for two hours before label star and somehow weird guy (and not as hippy as I expected him to be) Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen took over the control. The crowd was ecstatic about it and started to pound to the music. The famous 2k reworking of the Sphongle classic "Divine Moments of Truth" packed the floor big time and good music emerged out of the speakers again, shame we had to leave early and didn't experienced Simon's set in full effect.

Before leaving though we managed to sneak some time and talk to ED from the Twisted crew who promised an inter(net)view with Simon (Posford) as on Sunday wasn't in the mood of talking too much out. From the short but rather informational chat we had with ED he told me about future and imminent Twisted releases such as the new "Back Room Beats" compilation and a new Shpongle album. ED told me that with BRB (Back Room Beats in short) they try to simulate the feeling of the Back Rooms in major UK events where people listen to music and can talk to and have a chat or even join(t)... "It's trance producers doing 6/8 trip-hop music" said ED and I agree with him as the trance textures are obvious.

Major trance names such as Simon "Hallu" Posford is on the mission, Nick Barber aka Doof, Dick Trevor aka Green Nuns of the Revolution and others. The Twisted policy on this compilation is very good since they marketing it in every way, ED was pretty excited about it and he believes it will find its way to the living room. By the things I heard it will certainly find its way to my living room and not only as I believe some of the tracks are very danceable. Expect a review soon and further info on people involved in this project.

For Twisted itself ED said that it will continue to bring out hard trance (smartly avoiding the psychedelic tag), pushing boundaries and packing trancefloors worldwide. "It will be stuff like everybody else but a little more...well twisted" said ED and I can understand his vision. When I asked him about the recent change of logo it said to me that the new one is simpler, easier to understand while keeping the twisted proportions of the original logo, I believe is more elegant and more eye catching that the previous which was aiming at a completely different target group.

That's all from a very good night, especially ED's set was one my finest moments in +Soda to date and I am looking forward to hear "Back Room Beats"... Lastly thanks to Andreas for being polite and friendly all this time.

Bom Shankar!!!

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Tristan - Audiodrome Demented Compilation Sphongle Single

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