Various Artists - Set:6 Evolved

Iboga Records, October 2005

Author: pr0fane
Date: Nov 10, 2005
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Review by: Jannick Andersen // pr0fane

Artist: Various
Title: Set:6 Evolved - compiled by DJ Frequence
Label: Iboga
Format: CD (Jewelcase with 4 page inlay)
Released: October, 2005

After the rather successful 5 first editions, the extremely busy Danish label Iboga Records is ready with the 6th edition of the \"Set\"-compilations saga. Behind the wheel this time is DJ Frequence: perhaps a name that doesn\'t sound that familiar, but I\'m quite FREq will have a familiar ring to all progressive psytrance fans - unless of course you\'ve been living on a deserted Island the last 2 years. He has compiled a quite interesting list of new tracks and remixes, and as always when it\'s coming from Iboga, the expectations are sky high.

01. FREq - Carbon Based Lifeform (Sun Control Species Remix) [135 BPM]
The compilation starts with a Sun Control Species remix of \"Carbon Based Lifeform\", one of the most memorable tracks from FREq\'s \"Strange Attractors\" album released last year. Sun Control Species\' version is really banging - less atmospheric than the original, but with a phatter, rolling bassline. Not really as good as the original, but a solid dance floor track.

02. FREq - Strange Attractor (Liquid Soul Remix) [135 BPM]
Next up is a remix of the title-track from \"Strange Attractors\", this time made by the Swiss Liquid Soul, who have really gotten a breakthrough this year with releases on Iboga, DOMO, Plusquam and SOG. Nicolas remix is a true dance floor bomb, extremely raw and powerful and just bursting with energy. Without a doubt one of the most blasting progressive trance tracks I\'ve heard this year, definitely made with the dance floors as the prime focus.

03. Beckers - Switch (Ace Ventura Remix) [132 BPM]
3rd track is another remix, this time with Yoni Oshrats (of Psysex and Schatsi fame) Ace Ventura project remixing one of the biggest partyhits of the year, Frank Beckers\'s massive \"Switch\". Yonis version is certainly aimed towards the more psychedelic dancefloors, with a less electro-driven bassline and some added hypnotic tribal percussion. For most part it works really well, with my only point of criticism being that I feel some energy is lost after the final looooong buildup. Overall a nice remix though.

04. Zen Mechanics - Environmental Porn [135 BPM]
Wouter Thomassen is one of the more diverse new producers on the psychedelic scene, with releases ranging from full on to ambient and progressive trance on labels like Aleph Zero, Dance N Dust and Iboga. \"Environmental Porn\" is one of his more progressive productions, using some quite standard full on\'ish sounds and delicate vocals on top of a driving, progressive groove. Certainly not a bad tune, but not my favourite either.

05. Morax - Lost In The Woods [134 BPM]
Morax is perhaps better known as one half of the techtrance project Triac, with releases on HOMmega, DOMO and Candyflip and an upcoming album on Moonflower. After the first 4 powerful tracks, \"Lost In The Woods\" take the compilation in a more laidback direction, very atmospheric and with some quite catchy grooves. Nice work, but I would have preferred it without the acid-like sounds in the last couple of minutes, which feel distracting in an otherwise nicely polished track.

06. Casa Flava - Further South (Deep Mix) [130 BPM]
The duo Casa Flava is a well-known name in the non-psy progressive scene, with releases on important labels like Renaissance, Perfecto and Plastic Fantastic - but this is their first appearance on a \"psy\" release. \"Further South (Deep Mix\" is previously released on 12\", but that doesn\'t distract from the fact that this tune is really marvellous - extremely deep and groovy, with a engaging atmosphere to die for. Outstanding!

07. Nyquist - Singularity (FREq Revision) [132 BPM]
FREq himself is up next with a revision of one of his own tracks, \"Singularity\" written under his new Nyquist sideproject. I haven\'t heard the original, but FREq\'s sound is very distinct here with his well-known tight production and a harsh and precise pumping groove. This is also a bit gloomier than some of the later more psychedelic FREq-releases, and it suits his very sound well - as a matter of fact I consider it one of his best releases in a while.

08. Manuel Duego - Disseption [130 BPM]
Next track is from a very pleasant surprise: Manuel Duego from Israel. This is - as far as I know - his first release, and it certainly doesn\'t show. A very enjoyable housey tune, far from the usual Israeli sound, with a nice, laidback attitude. Perhaps I would have preferred it with some more variation, but a really good tune nevertheless.

+ Nasser - Vovoli [132 BPM]
Finishing the compilation is Nasser from Israel, who previously appeared on releases from Midijum and Aeon Records. With \"Vovoli\" he takes the compilation back into the more psychedelic territory, with a quite distinct tune - laidback and groovy, quite tribal and with some psychedelic elements as well. Perhaps not among the most enjoyable tracks here, but among the more interesting ones, and a nice added bonus.

Bottom line:
As expected the 6th \"Set\" compilation was really good. There\'s a fine mix of progressive psytrance dance floor music and more laidback progressive house crossover tunes, and while the flow on the CD perhaps isn\'t really that consistent, there\'s just so much quality material, that you as a progressive psytrance DJ or an avid home listener, simply can\'t avoid this release. Basically none of the tracks are bad, and the highlights are truly stunning.

Iboga have done it again - \"Set:6 Evolved\" is among the best chapters in the series so far, and a very recommended buy.

1, 2(!!), 3, 5, 6 (!!), 7, 8


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