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transe the trance

Author: Anais
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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Transe the trance

the text is a translation from one of the most
popular newspapers from Brasil, called "O Globo"
this article had a short version in the first page too, since my own thoughts about this whole article are just written at the end.. ( Anais )

Trance music is distributed through the world of psy-raves

In the movie "The Beach", Leonardo DiCaprio surches a lost paradise, a place where people could live in peace and love, and celebrate dancing. In the real life, every year many young people run the world surching the same ideal, wich last for only one summer. The beach can be goa or trancoso. But the sond is always the same, the psychedelic trance, psy-trance.
Generaly, this is the kind of electronic music wich grows wich gets more followers in the world. The oposite from the comercial trance (wich got in radios here by horrible examples as Alice Deejay) , or progressive trance ( refined version from the sound, one of the most wanted in the London discos), psy-trance has something from hippies in it•s philosophy and visual style , and that•s why is almost the oficial sound in raves.
Like the name indicates , the most important objectiv is to hypnotism. Wether by the repeated beats, or by the multicolored and fluor visual [ps:visual in portuguese means not only what we see with our eyes, but is a slang wich means how you dress like. That•s your visual.]
That•s where trance meets the hippy and the psychedelism founds. The clothes bring back the tye-dye (those shirts in the style of Sao Francisco 68) and add actual elements, like the hindu•s Gods (influence by Goa, in India) and fluor visuals to blink and the dance floors and help to get the good trip.


Because of this philosophy, the psytrance djs form a kind of comunity, organize parties and play in gangs, it happens a very strong internacional interchange ( the music is almost just instrumental, there is no barrier of speach) and the peace and love spirit rule the raves.
Actually, the world•s psytrance capital is Israel, where the biggest parties happen and where some from the big artist comes, like Analog Pussy, who played here in the last year and promissed to come back; and the Infected Mushroom project, who plays today inside the rave Trance Fusion in Vargem Grande.
Because of the fast propagation of the style in here, there are already shops specialized in the fluor visual, like the ones in Galeria Ouro Fino (Sao Paulo) or in the stands from Mercado Mundo Mix (...that•s a market..well, "market"..with new fashion stuff , wich runs Brasil from north to south).Diferent from the techno•s cyber visual, the psy-trance style dispenses the plastic and prefers softer tissues, for making the dance and transpiration easyer .
In Rio, the only night specialized in psy-trance is thursday in the Bunker with the sounds from Fluorenzo and friends. The oposite of the techno and house djs, in the psy-trance there•s not a preocupation with perfect mixing, but only that the music brings a sense of trance. The djs also don•t worry about using vynils, since almost all material is available in CDs and MDs, easyer to carry to parties in the midle of the forest or inaccessible places.
One of the most known psy-trance parties happens in the Vale do Amanhecer (BrasÃlia, capital of Brasil), in a Rashneesh colony. And in the summer, Trancoso receives the "trancers" from all over the world. And it is nomaly the same around the world.
Herchcovitch gets the trance moviment

In the eye lashes, nail color, in contact lents, the trance visual mixing tye-dye and fluor colors is the new hit of the summer. Style very well cought by Alexandre [blablabla...] who shows his new collecton in the next saturday in Paris.
[...So, here the journalist says the best ways to dress very psychedelic, with white contact lents from this and that shop, available here and there, and this shirts....etc.]
well...that•s it. There was also a fahion page with pictures from models dressing psy-trance style....right. You see how the things went.... This is just an example of the popularity in Brasil, there were many programs on tv talking about it, and many other magazines, Playboy for example. It is the fashion of the moment. Police already knows about is extremly more stress to go somewhere. And people wanna try this "new wave" thing, and take looots of drugs....and so on, and so on.

So...keep the vibe....and end the popularity!!!

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