Morocco 2001

Author: Liese
Date: Nov 3, 2001
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I feel a little bit disappointed by your party.

Lets start at the beginning. After 3 hours our plane arrived at 4 pm in
Casablanca, we take a taxi and after a nine hours journey we arrived on 29th
about 4 am, just in the middle of nowhere. It was dark and cold and the only
thing we want to manage was to find a place for the tent. By phone Amine
told us that there is no way to get in and we spent the first night in the
dessert. what a warm welcome??!

Ok, the sun goes up and brings back our mood. We stopped a Taxi to get our
luggage and walk to the bridge to the island. One of us called Amine and he
comes just to say that there is no way to the island. Poor! He offers us
exclusive to get in the camping-area. nice camping area, stony ground, nice
underground for camping! and where are the toilets and showers that are

Next morning (30/Dec.2000) after spending the next 20 hours alone in the
dessert, amine visits us once more, to change the ticket into a blue-strap.
most of us are sleeping and we only get one of this important straps. My
question:"Where are the showers?" he answerd with: comming soon! (what ever
that means?)

in the midday sun the first travellers arrived on the camping area most of
them are pissed that they cant get into the area earlyer. until this time i
cant find any showers. few time before sundown the way to the island was
free, but not for everyone! the security-man refuses us the way to the
bridge and told us that we had to walk back to the door (about 2Km through
the desert) to change the ticket into a strap! Not very amusing!

So after this endless pain we arrived on the island and found the bank,
where we changed our Dirhams into Akashic-Dollars! Because of there was no
Music on the Floor, we decide to take some food. The next disappointment
was programmed because of the Price for the Food and the thing with changing
akashic.dollars into Food-Tockets. Never before i Have paid so much for a
warm meal. And i heard a lot of people complain about that there was no

I think it was 11 pm when the music starts and the mood of the people was
comming back! But the next point was the Sound-System. What a poor Sound,
didn't i read anything about 72 Kw Sound-System? Where was it?

The next day (31.Dez.2000) the sun was burning and we enjoy the sound in our
base-camp, when suddenly the sound stops. someone trys to learn in Portugal
I thing to myself and so there was no music in the afternoons, and finally
no music at the sundowns. For people like me, which love dancing & dreaming
in the sun, not very funny. So all in all, I and lots of visitors are not
happy with this high price and this low service! What about all those Artist
you promise on your Page and the Flyer?

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